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I’m not on showbiz to be a role model for anyone – Nairobi News | Instant News

In Swahili, there is a saying msanii ni kioo cha jamii, which is loosely translated as an artist is a role model in society.

It comes with burdens and challenges. As an example someone is always judged by the public about how he carries himself.


However, with daily scrutiny and criticism from the public that comes with celebrity status, many artists find it truly bears the burden of being a role model.

Many celebrities end up being victims of cyberspace intimidation because of their lifestyle. On that score, comedian Mulamwah and gospel artist Jimmy Gait easily crossed his mind.

But an Avril, who has been in the showbiz industry for a decade now, said as an artist he doesn’t need to be anyone’s role model.

“I joined this industry and don’t want to be a role model, if what I do inspires you in a certain way with how I take my life, take it and learn from it. But I’m not in the industry to be a role model for anyone, “Avril said.

Avril, who began to gain fame as an upcoming artist when she was a sophomore at the University of Nairobi, also noted that for years she began to understand that people would always judge and quickly draw conclusions about a person’s way of life.


He said, at first he was concerned with people’s perceptions of himself, but no longer.

“I was the center of attention when I was 18 as a second year at the University of Nairobi when my career was just beginning. So I really grew up under public scrutiny. Through that trip I was able to take important lessons here and there. Growing under such supervision has taught me to just live my life, especially as a female artist, “he said.

The mother of one child, who is also an actress and brand influencer, said she was aware of living her own life in her late 20s, and as such would always block all the negativity she made, especially in the social media space.

“As a female artist in the center of attention, supervision, comments, comments, decisions that you should make as a woman will destroy you. You will be appointed where you will question many things, “he said.

Avril also said when faced with such negativity, he usually blocked it from his space and moved quickly in his life.


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