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Two months after WWE laid off 30+ people, the report says the net worth Vince McMahon has sharply increased against the background of the pandemic Covid-19 – other sports | Instant News

April 15, 2020, the world saw the WWE ‘Black Wednesday’. Amid rising cases of the syndrome and the limitations of blocking worldwide, the Premier Pro-wrestling industry for more than 30 wrestlers and employees laid off, and a few other crew and staff members get to leave, presumably in order to meet the financial needs during difficult times. Superstars who were dismissed included some of the biggest names – Kurt angle, Rusev, Zack Ryder, Karl Anderson, Luke gallows, EC3, etc. the Company also let go by referee Mike masterpiece, while employees of the production Finlay, Billy Kidman and Gregory Helms were sent on leave.

The decision was widely criticized as a WWE talent families were invited to be on their own in a time when there was limited opportunity to get signed by other shares due to the ongoing global pandemic. Several reports at the time suggested that the company had enough cash reserves to pay all their staff and a significant profit even if they were forced to cancel the show, which meant that WWE wasn’t able to do it.

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Now, in another recent report was that WWE CEO Vince McMahon, was able to see his value take a steep rise on the background of the pandemic Covid-19. A report from the middletown Press said, according to a study published a number of political advocacy groups, MacMahon was able to earn a higher net worth in the last three months there is a growth of 177 million dollars.

Let’s take a look back. March to June, the majority of companies around the world have been significantly affected by the coronavirus. McMahon, had to turn it off, the American football League, the Football League, as they were forced to stop playing after five weeks of resumption.

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The WWE also had to cancel all his concerts, and held a WrestleMania – biggest show of the year – against the closed door. WWE TV shows and pay per views for the last three months were held in the center of the performances in the WWE in Florida behind closed doors. However, McMahon seemingly flourished in the last three months that had been predicted against Radio commentator Dave Meltzer.

As reported, the growth of McMahon in income is primarily due to the TV deals with USA and Fox, and there are conflicting relations with Saudi Arabia, which allegedly brings over ten years, about $ 1 billion.


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