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‘Corona Cars’ spread awareness about pandemics | Instant News

‘Corona cars’ are now on the streets Hyderabad. It resembles the virus behind the COVID-19 pandemic.

It aims to raise awareness about the COVID-19 outbreak. The car was designed by Sudhakar Yadav, who runs a printing business. This is a one-seat vehicle.

COVID-19 | Interactive map of confirmed coronavirus cases in India

It has six wheels and can go up to speeds of 40 kmph. The car is driven by a 100cc engine. It was made of neon green fiber with red nails like a viral crown.

Hyderabad Police have also supported this initiative. Yadav plans to donate the vehicle to local authorities to maximize its use.

He was inspired by a virus-shaped helmet worn by police in other parts of the country. The aim, he said, was to beg people stay indoors


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