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AWS doubles the performance of its Snowball Edge device and adds new software | Instant News

Amazon Web Services Inc. today introduced a new version of Snowball Edge, its system for running cutting-edge computing workloads and migrating data to the cloud, which features stronger silicon and additional management tools.

AWS launched the first Snowball device in 2015 as a way for companies to move large amounts of records to their public cloud. A company can order a system to its data center, load it with data and send it to the nearest AWS facility. Snowball Edge (pictured) also serves this function, but can also double as an edge computing platform for running applications in environments such as factories and ships.

AWS refreshed a variant called Storage Optimized devices as part of today’s improvement. The company has added in a 3.2 gigahertz processor that doubles the computing power of the system and provides a total of 40 virtual central processing units, or vCPU, for local cloud instances. VCPU is the processing power unit used by the AWS usually according to one thread in the physical processor core.

The improved Snowball Edge also brings other hardware enhancements. “In addition to 80 TB of storage for data processing and data transfer workloads, there is now 1 TB of SATA SATA storage that can be accessed by EC2 virtual machines that you launch on the device,” AWS Evangelical Chief Jeff Barr wrote in a blog post. Companies can combine up to 12 Snowball Edge devices to assemble edge computing clusters with petabytes of storage capacity.

For the case of the use of cloud migration, in turn, this device provides data transfer speeds of 25% faster. This is “made possible by the new 100 Gigabit QSFP + network adapter” in the chassis, Barr said.

AWS will deliver upgraded hardware with a number of new software capabilities. There is now a visual management console administrator that can be used to perform tasks such as configuring devices, while integration with the AWS System Manager service makes it possible to write scripts to automate maintenance work.

Ending an update is an access control tool intended to improve cyber security. According to AWS, this allows companies to manage which users can access what resources in situations where many employees use the same Snowball Edge deployment.

Edge computing is also a priority for AWS rivals. Microsoft Corp. offer Azure Stack equipment companies can use on-site and Google LLC has Global Mobile Edge Cloud, which enables telecommunications customers to run applications not only in their main cloud data center but also 130-plus edge location.

Photo: AWS

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