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Air travel will never be the same after coronavirus | Instant News

Every time you are ready to fly again, be prepared: air travel after a coronavirus will look and feel very different from the last time you boarded a plane. The big picture: With passenger traffic down 95% during the height of the pandemic, airlines have given up trying to save the lucrative summer travel season. Global industry estimates it will lose $ 314 billion this year, and airline executives say it could be two to three years before air travel recovers to pre-crisis levels. Meanwhile, pack your patience with your face mask: everything will take longer. Expect new procedures for everything from luggage check-in to security clearance and boarding flights. You might even need to undergo a blood test to prove that you are in good health before going up. “9/11 changed the journey completely by adding to security checks and checking for longer-times. The impact of COVID-19 on air travel will be far more extensive,” airline consultant Shashank Nigam, CEO and founder of SimpliFlying, said in a blog post. The big question: How much complexity will people tolerate, or will they avoid flying altogether? What happens: Today, flights are practically empty, making it easy to spread to distance themselves, apart from the $ 50 billion taxpayer-funded aid package, the airline said they had to shrink to match lower demand. By the time they consolidated the flight, the aircraft would be refilled again. Jet Blue Airways and United Airlines said they would need passengers to wear masks, and others said they would make it available. wear a mask on many airlines.) United States Representative Peter D eFazio (D-Ore.), Chair of the Committee for Transportation and Home Infrastructure, wants the FAA to make a mandatory mask for everyone. Airlines also said they would limit ticket sales so that the middle seat could remain open. Mask and social distance are only the beginning. In a new report, “The Rise of Sanitized Travel,” SimpliFlying anticipates dozens of ways air travel might change in the coming months and years. Some examples: Online check-in: In addition to choosing a seat or paying for a checked bag, passengers may also need to upload documents to confirm the presence of COVID-19 antibodies before they fly. Airport roadside: Passengers can be asked to arrive at least four hours before their flight, and pass through a “disinfection tunnel” or thermal scanner to check their temperature before being allowed to enter the airport. Check-in and drop bags: The new touchless kiosk allows passengers to check-in by scanning a barcode, or using gestures or voice commands. The agent will be behind the plexiglass glass shield, and the bag will be disinfected and then “sanitized.” Medical check-up: Passengers will undergo a medical check-up, and may even have a blood test. In April, Emirates became the first airline to conduct a quick test of COVID-19 on passengers before boarding. Safety: Every carrying case and safety box will be disinfected when entering an X-ray machine, using fogging or UV-rays. technique, then “sanitagged.” Boarding: Passengers need to be present one hour before departure, maintaining social distance at the gate area and riding only when they receive individual notifications on their smartphone to prevent crowding on the jet bridge. On board: Safety videos before flight may include sanitation procedures, because passengers clean their seats and tray tables. In-flight magazines will be removed, backseat bags emptied, and passengers will likely use their own devices to watch videos. might make the toilet and other high contact areas disinfected after passenger use What to note: Designers like Italy Aviointerior are contemplating new seating arrangements or barriers between seats to minimize the risk. Imagine the middle seat facing the other direction, for example, with a clear barrier between passengers. Bottom line: If it seems difficult to understand, remember this: we never imagined we would have to take off our shoes before going through airport security. .

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