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30+ Spinning Fashion Brands For Making Stylish Coronavirus Masks | Instant News

For many fashion brands, handbags and accessories, the spread of COVID-19 means closing their brick and mortar stores and facing diminishing online sales. By pivoting to make face masks instead, many find ways to keep their business running while also serving large needs.

With healthcare workers facing a lack of critical facial masks during the coronavirus pandemic, people love fashion designers Dexter Flawk is facing their own anxiety by directing their energy to make as many masks as their hands can handle.

Others organize networks to sew and distribute masks. For example, Irene Lee, founder of children’s clothing brand Bash + Sassand friends and chefs Michael Hung launched SewMuchLove to spread awareness to individuals, brands and companies who can sew, then support and connect it to distribution channels.

Zoe Bruce and Colleen Petra have organized fundraising to supply nurses and doctors with CDC-approved masks. Hundreds Etsy the seller also joined this effort.

Bigger brands included American giant and T-mask (formerly Alliance Graphics) has completely shifted their factory production to make tens of thousands of masks.

Designer Ripley Rader join more than a thousand other sewers for #millionmaskchallenge.

“I am amazed by the response on both sides – from the number of people who were inspired to start contributing and the number of nurses and health workers who really need masks,” Rader said

Initially, many of these makers sought to contribute to the frontline health workers whose hospitals had very low personal protection. Then when CDC recommended that everyone wears masks in public, making them a way to keep their business going and their tailors working while channeling profits to health workers, other important workers, and homeless people.

“Selling it felt strange, until my mother complained that she was the only person in her grocery store at 6 am without a mask and I realized that people needed it,” said The seller Etsy Amanda Caroligne.

This is a win-win for “insignificant” small businesses facing an uncertain future. Many masks are not a substitute for the N95 version which many frontline health workers need. But much can be worn on the N95 to preserve it longer, and all of them offer at least some protection.

Apart from that, they are more stylish than anything you can buy at a hardware store, and I am all for anything that reduces the strangeness of wearing a mask at a grocery store.

Below is a list of several designers and makers who strive to serve their communities and, in some cases, save their business.

Alyssa Nicole

Founder Alyssa Casares has been working on masks nonstop for a week. Initially he donated it to health workers, but now everyone needs it. Casares donates masks to health workers; for personal use each costs $ 25, the proceeds of which are used for masking materials and delivery to health workers. Three days delivery or contact free curbside pickup in San Francisco.

American giant

This brand has stopped production of “the greatest hoodie ever made” to retool North Carolina facilities and train its tailor team to make HHS certified medical masks. The brand distributes masks to frontline medics at a rate of 35,000 masks per week and hopes to “aggressively” increase their production rates going forward.

Amy Kuschel

Kuschel is a ready-to-wear fashion designer and bride who collects more than $ 10,000 to make 2,500 face masks to match the N95 mask. His GoFundMe still strong.


This origami-inspired brand usually makes practical, beautiful, and reusable bags for transporting cooked dishes or flowers to parties, but if neither side, they have pivoted on 100% sustainable organic cotton face masks. They use their origami skills to change designs, and use fabric ties. Plus it hangs around your neck rather nicely when not in use. For each mask purchased for $ 28, they will donate one for health workers. You can also donate for them GoFundMe.

Camelia Skikos

Based in San Francisco, Skikos has asked its tailors to make 100 masks to donate, and plans to increase efforts next week to donate to the homeless and accommodate orders. Keep an eye on its website for availability and updates.

Camp Collection

For every San Francisco handmade organic cotton mask sold, the 70’s inspired Camp Collection will donate another set to important (non-medical) medical workers. Each set features a white mask with a contrasting red tie and a white mask with a blue tie. Or with 24 sets of masks for $ 154. Launched just a few days ago, founder Tamar Wider said the program had produced more than 1,000 masks.

Candid Art

The founder of Candice Cox pioneered efforts to create stylish masks for the masses (toddlers, children, and adults) in cool molds and solids. He only has a team of two, so sign up for a newsletter to find out when you can order again on Monday. You can also donate to their mask program here.

Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn creates etherial and sustainable dresses, which she still does, but she places a continuous face mask on the front and center. For only $ 30, you can buy five for your family and donate five. Also get a free mask with orders over $ 150. The mask is currently only a waiting list, but you can be notified when available.


In normal times, a macrame-inspired jewelry brand, this California studio is currently devoted to making masks. Founder Kelli Ronci is a former crafting editor for Martha Stewart and freelance prop photographer is sewing all the time Buy one for $ 19, and Corda will donate one for important workers. Expect 1-2 weeks for delivery. See also him blog post about how to make your own mask.

Etsy SF

If you are in the SF Bay Area, check the list of Etsy sellers who sew masks for sales and donations.

For Days

For Days, based in LA, a clothing company without waste that allows you to exchange old items for new ones, now sells masks to sell and donate. Purchase five for $ 25, donate 5 to health workers.

Ano Gr

Stylish but smooth, this mask is made of 100% cotton, and comes in a tie, denim, and several other prints. The mask can be reused and some are reversible. Get four for $ 40 or 8 packages for $ 70. If you are in Sausalito, California, you can drive to the front door of the store to buy. The brand has also donated more than 900 masks to local hospitals, health care facilities, plus the elderly and low-income people.

Ivy & Co.

This Hawaiian-made mask is made of sustainable material, and one of the few that we see that makes the size of children and adults. They are also one of the most economical starting at only $ 9.

Joshu + Vela

Usually they make bags, now they make masks like Joshu.org. Those who have filters cost $ 30, without $ 20, and both purchases also donate one to health workers.

Katie May

If you are in the market for serious luxury protection, this might be the mask you are looking for. May is a bridal fashion designer, so the masks are made with beads, lace and crepe for $ 19- $ 45 each. Plus, the strap can be adjusted.

Kiya Tomlin

Tomlin had to close down his fashion business, but the wife of Pittsburg Steelers coach continued to pay four of his employees. When he realized that they could make masks, they all worked for 500 per week. They are currently focused on donations, but sign up for a mailing list to get a warning about when they will be available for purchases for $ 48 for five adult or child sizes. And you can read more about the story here.

Lesley Evers

Come to the site early to call around 1,000 masks that he makes every day. They came in 6 packages of various kinds of prints for $ 95. And still here, he is testing the mask and hopes to report its effectiveness soon.

Forgotten Bags

The Ojai, California brand has switched from making avant-garde luxury leather bags to making double-layered cotton woven face masks with pockets for filter insertions. They have some to sell to the general public who fund donations for health workers and others in need.


They always make masks, but now with every $ 15 mask purchase they donate to health workers in need.

One Gold Thread

This eco-friendly fashion brand has turned its resources into making the “second skin” tree fiber face covering. When you buy one for $ 33, the brand donates one to someone who is homeless in L.A. Anti-microbial, natural, elastic fabric has a large bandana design and fits the face for tight seals. The fabric is double-layered with a skid pocket for filters (not included). They accept orders in advance and will be sent on April 15.

OESH shoes

This science-based shoe brand is uniquely ready to make masks with 3D printing technology already in place to make shoes. Work with doctors and partner factories LUNA, OESH creating a 3D printed mask that features two vents with removable filter caps. The mask can be washed in the dishwasher, washing machine, or by hand and can be reused indefinitely. That is also 100% recyclable. They currently donate all their masks, but they provide instructions for making your own if you have access to a 3D printer.


Erin Dempsy founder so far has made 200 masks and donated more than 60 for front line and important business workers. They are available in 5 different colors and patterns in small, large and children’s sizes. Online sales will continue to support donations. Masks made to order $ 18; get a 10% discount with a code GO OUTDORZ.

Oz + Otz

This brand is known for its sassy and colorful clothes, and the same applies to 100% cotton masks. For only $ 12, you get one for you and one donated to health workers.

Rendall Co.

When Dierdra Jones planned his work clothes brand launching, he did not plan to do it at the time of coronavirus. But because that’s where he found himself, his first two products were premium cloth face masks with bags for filters and special copper nose bands to fit, fit to order. Visit the website on Monday 13 April to pre-order face masks for delivery starting Friday 17 April.

Ripley Rader

For every mask sold for $ 25, Ripley Rader will donate two to health workers. He starts with #millionmaskchallenge two weeks ago when he personally made 100 masks in 2 days. He has launched his own business, “Look Good, Do Good. “For every mask purchase, he donates two for risky pattens and health workers in need.


On March 21, Shima Sonson temporarily transformed his bowtie business into a mask-making operation. The brand has sent weekly care packages between 25-50 masks to hospitals around the US. He also sells brightly colored print masks starting at $ 11.50; $ 17.50 for a reversible model. They are made from cotton quilters, premium cotton, and African fabrics, which have a higher number and choice of weaving per inch, making it ideal according to CDC guidelines. The two teams will pre-order the second round on Monday, April 13.


If you want to keep a warm atmosphere when you go to the supermarket, this brand is already covered by you. The mask is folded colorful and fun and has a carbon filter mask. To order, Venmo @supersugarrayray is $ 15 per mask plus $ 7 for shipping and includes your shipping address. Shipments will come out at the end of next week.

Permanent Tailor

Instead of a suit, this tailor team has made a contour-style mask that is intended to hug the face in three sizes for children, small / medium adults and medium / large adults. They display three layers of cloth on the front of the mask, one of which is filtering. The cloth was sourced from inside their shop or donated by a luxury wool fabric factory Dormeuil (perfect for executive Zoom calls). The $ 25 mask is currently sold out but watch the website to restock. Proceeds are used to keep their tailor team working and Give 2SF.

Taylor Jay

This mother / daughter team from Oakland, California is making beautiful cotton covers and using leftover cloth from their 2019 Kotton collection. Businesses have just signed a new contract when the shelter kicks in, and turning to a mask has kept the company running and allows their staff and factory to continue working. For every person who sells for $ 21, they donate one to a health worker, a senior, or someone in need. Donate to their project here.

Throckmorton Jones

This wearable art (in the form of jewelry, bags, and clothing) drift brands make face masks Facebook and Instagram, and demand is so positive that businesses have now devoted their entire front pages to protective equipment. Each for $ 20, they are made of denim and other cotton fabrics, and have space for filters.


On March 28, Jeremy Castro actually turned his clothing business Alliance Graphics in San Leandro, California to focus on masks. The operation has shipped 2,000 masks, and by the end of this week, T-Masker will produce up to 1,500 every day. Castro also donated masks, including N95. 40,000 surgical masks will head for key workers next week with the help of the Seattle Seahawks to re-run Marshawn Lynch.


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