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USA, Canada, Nigeria? Toronto FC forward Ayo Akinola there are many international options | Instant News

Toronto FC forward Ayo Akinola on stock is on the rise, and with five goals and hat trick already to his name in the MLS came back in the tournament, the topic of which country he will represent at international level hot.

That’s because 20-year-old can theoretically choose one of three options, with the status of young and No. 9 providing all three, probably flirting. Here are some options that lay before GST homegrown product.


Any Team USA men’s the fans see the early exploits Akinola on GST probably can’t stop yourself from dreaming that he can be elusive to bear a load of about 9 program missed. Who knows if that’s what he will be, but there is at least some reason to believe that he will represent us. Akinola had already shown us in the U-15, U-17 and U-20 levels. He was productive, too, racking up 34 goals in 42 games in these matches.

Speaking on SiriusXM FC on Friday, Akinola was asked specifically about his hopes to represent the United States at a high level.

“I think for me, I would like to call in the national team, but at the same time, I can only control what I can control,” he said. “In the end, it’s the coach’s decision. For me, if I do my own part and I’ll do it right I hope that call will come. And if not, then I’ll keep doing my thing at club level.”

However, the player’s agent said MLSsoccer.com’s Bogert that Akinola has yet to make a decision on where his international future.


Born in Detroit, Akinola and his parents moved to Canada when he was one, first living in Toronto before settling in Brampton, Ontario. He has canadian citizenship and his younger brother Tom, part of the the Academy of Toronto FC, took part in the 2015 canadian identify youth camp. In According to reports, the Canadian football Association is in Contact discuss where they think he can play short and long term.


Parents Akinola from Lagos state in Nigeria, which gives him the right to fight for the Super eagles. In Nigeria, the football Federation contacted his mother during the U-17 World Cup in India in 2017.

“They saw me play against Ghana” Akinola last year said MLSsoccer.com. “Now, though, “I don’t want too much attention to it, I represent us.”


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