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Return photo Azim Riaz from his days modelling shows that he was ready to take on show business | Instant News

Azim Riaz rose to fame with Bigg Boss 13. So skimp Kashmir boy on the show of Salman Khan, it earned after a massive fan and was making headlines. Recently took a return picture BB 13 finalists from his days modeling the Internet by storm. To check it out.

Return photo Azim Riaz from his days modelling shows that he was ready to take on show business

Azim Riaz, a name that has been making headlines for some months. When he entered the Bigg Boss house 13, many of us don’t know much about Asim, but today he began to speak-the whole town. With his looks, dashing personality, loving nature, and passion for hard work, Asim won the hearts of many. You could say he almost went in the BB 13 house amongst other established celebrities, but no one came as the celebrity. After he earned a massive fan, people love him for what he is and to see “rising star’ in it. Although he didn’t bag BB 13 trophies, Asim is know to be a winner in ‘human.’

Since then, as it is a fantastic journey on Salman Khan‘s show, the Kashmiri boy was to succeed. To make a music video for publication on the first page of logs, Asim did it all with full dedication. All Asim today will definitely become the news. While we all know that before becoming a big name, Asim was a model and he worked hard to get where he is today. Recently a picture of a beautiful piece of his model have been doing rounds on social networks and is taking the Internet by storm.

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In return, a picture, Asim shows off her long and shiny hair, perfectly-shaped chin. His intense eyes and the expression on his face, to prove that the model Kashmiri was ready to take the showbiz WORLD with his charisma. This photo happens to 2017, and this clearly makes us believe that Asim was born to rule the hearts. Well, there’s no doubt about the fact that Asim looks very hot in photos. His appearance has changed a bit, and he only looks more beautiful now.

Look at the picture Asim from his younger days here:

Meanwhile, Asim is all set to come up with another music video. However, unlike Sonha cal and Nai Khyaal rakhya Kar, at this time, Asim, lady Himanshi Khurana will not feature him. Just a few days ago, Asim has shared some BTS photos from his upcoming music video with Barbie Maan showed that he is eagerly waiting for the song to release. What are your thoughts on the return of the painting Asima? You are waiting for him povorachivat nakloneny an upcoming song from Barbie? Do you miss chemistry AsiManshi it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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