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‘Pakistan pushes COVID-19 people to PoK’: Indian Army claims angered Islamabad | Instant News

Interview of the Commander of the Indian Army’s 15th Corps with the Corps The BBC has triggered an angry response from the Pakistani Army.

Lieutenant General B.S. Raju heads the 15th Indian Army Corps; this unit is responsible for security along the Control Line and operations within Jammu and Kashmir. In an interview with BBC Hindi on Wednesday, said Raju, he could not see a big change in the Pakistani Army’s “spread pattern” despite a coronavirus outbreak.

Raju said the Indian Army had “received Pakistani intelligence input, pushing many cases of the corona virus to Jammu and Kashmir occupied by Pakistan”. Raju accused Pakistan of underestimating the number of corona virus cases in the country.

“We are also aware that Pakistan is taking the risk of placing people who are easily fooled into training as terrorists in small enclosed spaces on their launch pad,” Raju told BBC India. Raju said India was “aware” these people were coming from across the country [LoC] could be a COVID-19 carrier. “Raju added, the Indian Army would be aware of how to deal with the bodies of terrorists who were killed.

B.S. interview Raju with BBC Hindi provoked a response from the Pakistani Inter-Army Service Relations (ISPR) wing. In a series of tweets on Tuesday, the Pakistani Army stated, “India’s allusion to infiltration and CFV (violation of ceasefire) by Pakistan is not only baseless but also designed to divert global and domestic attention from an endless post of failure – 5 August 2019. .., “referring to the revocation of Article 370 years ago.

ISPR claims, “No less delusional is the accusation about Pakistan infiltrating individuals affected by COVID to IOJK. Pakistan always extends UNMOGIP access without barriers to the CFV website. We will continue to do that most transparently.” UNMOGIP is a UN monitoring group that oversees Kashmir.

Tensions against the LoC surged last week after a big meeting at Kupwara, where five Indian Army commanders and as many militants were killed. Indian Army retaliate by attacking the launch pad of terror across LoC with artillery.


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