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Splash COVID-19 cases of private indoor meetings, reopenings across Canada | Instant News

A handful of visitors are seen at the food courts on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, in Montreal.

Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press

Canada is experiencing a new surge COVID-19 in places that were suppressed by the virus, including in the West and in the capital, where young lovers accused the surge of infections.

Ottawa reported 43 cases COVID-19 Tuesday, one day in mid-may. In the city there are reports of dozens of new cases in recent weeks, contributed to the recent rise in cases of the virus in the four largest provinces: Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia.

While BC was proclaimed to attract the virus heel at the beginning of the pandemic, the increase is from cases brought to the Director of the Department of health Bonnie Henry, to warn of “explosive growth” in new cases, if people don’t take the proper precautions during the summer.

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Albert, meanwhile, reported 141 new infections on Tuesday, on top of the 368 confirmed as Friday, making the ascent in the province per capita in the cases of the steepest in the country.

Health officials say that many of the new cases can be traced to the renewal of parts of the economy, including bars, restaurants and wineries, and private events and parties, where people can’t stay two meters away from each other.

In both cases, some Canadians – especially young people – are tired of isolating myself from friends and family to control the spread of the virus, said Howard Njoo of Canada, Deputy chief state sanitary doctor.

“I think there’s a fatigue factor in terms of trying to keep all those good public health measures,” Dr. Njoo-he said, adding that some Teens and twentysomethings may feel “invincible”, because the coronavirus disproportionately kills the elderly.

In Ottawa, medical assistant Moloughney Brent, said that the surge in infections, most of which were diagnosed in people under the age of 20, due to a private indoor gatherings, and not to the recent opening of dining and drinking. Ottawa restaurants and bars only started to welcome customers in on Friday, when the city passed to the third stage the schedule of the opening of the province.

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“Most of the cases occur in an informal setting, like houses and cottages, where people gather in large numbers and without social distancing,” Dr. Moloughney said.

Premier on Doug Ford’s message sharply for what he called “a couple of percent [who] go a little wild” because the restrictions were relaxed. “Guys, you have to rein it in. As everything is simple,” he said. “You can get through it, but maybe your grandparents not go through with it.”

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The increase little twist of fate for Canada, which largely succeeded in bending the curve down, paving the way for the provinces to more businesses and services again.

Dr. Njoo said that the country has recently been an average of about 300 new cases a day. “We are now at 450, 460 cases a day for the last four days,” he said on Tuesday.

This increase is relatively small compared to the paroxysm of the new COVID-19 infection in the United States. California, which has approximately the same population as Canada has reported more than 11,500 New one on Monday. Like several other southern and Western States struggling with major outbreaks, California recently ordered their bars and restaurants, salons and gyms to be closed again.

Ashley TUIT, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the dalla Lana school of public health at the University of Toronto, said it was “too early” to determine if the number of new cases in Canada has risen high enough to justify the termination of the plans open.

She said that while new cases were seen mostly young people and has not led to an increase in hospitalizations, risk of virus transmission for the elderly, who are more likely to require hospitalization and more intensive therapy.

“I would say that we are at a point now where sort of watchful waiting is probably the most appropriate response:” the doctor said TUIT. “I think moving forward, the opening is no longer appropriate.”

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Ontario was initially reported on Tuesday, 203 new cases of coronavirus, 57% of whom were people of 39.

It would be the first time since June 29 that the province had placed more than 200 new cases per day, but MISSISSAUGA mayor Bonnie Crombie later said at a press conference that an unusually large number of peel region for the reporting lag, since the region moved to a new information system.

The region West of Toronto there were 22 new cases on Tuesday, and not 57, as in the province said, Ms. Crombie said.

Quebec reported 180 new cases on Tuesday, slightly up compared to previous days.

B. S. confirmed on Tuesday, 30 new cases, on top 102 on Friday. In the region there are 266 active cases from the end of may.

Most of the increase in the interior of BC. More than 60 cases have been traced to events and parties in Kelowna in Canada for a long day weekend.

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In Alberta, where officials announced Tuesday that students will return to full-time school in September, the chief physician of the Dean Henshaw said there is no risk approaches to life with COVID-19.

“But we still have to live with it,” she said. “There are no easy choices in front of us.”

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