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PM Imran Khan asked Nadeem Babar to resign as SAPM in petroleum | Instant News

Nadeem Babar, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Petroleum during an interview with Reuters at his office in Islamabad, March 5, 2019.Photo: Reuters

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to Prime Minister Petroleum Nadeem Babar has been asked by Prime Minister Imran Khan to resign from his post.

This was disclosed by Planning Minister Asad Umar during a press conference on Friday where he discussed findings by the Federal Investigative Agency in an investigation ordered by the prime minister to ascertain the reasons behind the country’s oil shortage.

“The Secretary of the Petroleum Division (Mian Asad Hayauddin) will also be asked to report to the Establishment Division after his replacement is finished,” said Umar.

Umar, in his detailed press conference, discussed the final recommendations made by a cabinet committee formed by the prime minister to carry out an investigation.

The committee includes Umar himself, along with federal ministers Shafqat Mehmood, Azam Swati and Shireen Mazari.

Adding to Asad Umar’s point, Minister Shafqat Mehmood said that Nadeem Babar and Minister of Petroleum had been asked to resign so as not to influence the investigation.

“We forwarded our recommendations to the prime minister, after which he asked for some additional information. When there is further information, we are allowed to share our recommendations, ”said Asad Umar.

He added that in the past, the Petroleum Division usually put all the responsibility on the shoulders of the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) whenever there was a question regarding a petroleum shortage.

“We have to put an end to this ambiguity,” said Asad Umar. “There is little punishment for those who hurt the economy. The mafia that works to loot people’s money, Prime Minister Imran Khan will not spare them.”

“This is a message from Prime Minister Imran Khan to the mafia that their time is up,” said the planning and development minister.

Answering the question, Asad Umar said that there is no doubt that the responsibilities given to several state institutions were not fulfilled properly.

“We have to find out why the institutions are unable to do this and determine if this is due to the prevalence of corruption,” he said, adding that it is important to find the names of people who are not doing a good job and whether they have collaborators.

‘The FIA ​​is in charge of making crimes prosecutable’

As reported Geo.tv, cabinet recommendations are divided into three categories. According to Asad Umar, in the first category, details of the criminal act that must be registered in a criminal case are provided.

“The evidence is formulated in such a way that charges can be filed. The FIA ​​has been ordered to conduct a forensic audit so that within 90 days prosecution efforts can begin,” said Umar.

The following are the areas that the FIA ​​has commissioned to investigate:

– Are the legal requirements for minimum supplies being met by the oil companies?

– Are reported sales figures actual or is there a difference between what is reported on paper and what is true? Who reported this?

– Is the product stockpiled? If so, then who is responsible?

“These are all things that in the report are prima facie […] it was decided that this was indeed the case. So I just said that the evidence must be given a form so that it can be prosecuted in court, “explained Umar.

He also spoke of certain flaws in the system, which also saw violations of the law, for example, undue profits being taken from temporary marketing licenses, illegal hospitality agreements where products would be stored, and sale of products in illegal outlets.

The minister also spoke of the main accusation in the report regarding delays in docking of oil vessels so that when new tariffs are notified, the products can be sold at a higher price. “Forensic investigations and guidance in this case also need to be carried out to ascertain who is responsible,” said Umar.

He said illegal sales would also be covered by a forensic audit.

“Actions are not limited to fines. It will be done so that people are handcuffed and sent to prison.”

Furthermore, the minister said, although oil retailers and gas stations will be the target of forensic audits, it must be investigated which government officials facilitated the crime.

“The Petroleum Division will be investigated, as well as OGRA (Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority), Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Port Authority,” for all these illegal acts, Umar said.


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SC issued a notification to Akbar Babar in the case of PTI’s foreign funding | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) Thursday issued a notification to Akbar S Babar and asked for answers to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s appeal regarding the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) foreign funding case.

A three-member SC bench consisting of Hakim Mushir Alam, Hakim Yahya Afridi and Hakim Sardar Tariq Masood received the prime minister’s petition on oversight of foreign funds for political parties.

During the trial, Imran Khan’s lawyer, Anwar Mansoor Khan, argued that there was no objection to the oversight committee of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). He said Akbar S Babar had filed the case after being kicked out of the party.

The ECP does not have the power to declare Akbar Babar a party member, he added. He said the Islamabad High Court (IHC) also supported the ECP’s decision.

It is up to the civilian courts to decide who is a party member and who is not, while the ECP is not a court or court, he added.

He said his client objected to Akbar Babar’s participation in the supervisory committee. However, there were no objections from the supervisory committee and it was doing its job.

Judge Mushir Alam asked when Akbar S Babar was expelled from the party.

The lawyer replied that Akbar Babar was expelled from PTI on September 26, 2011. The process of the supervisory committee must be in front of the camera, he added.

Akbar Babar’s lawyer objected that notices of expulsion from the party were not submitted in any forum.

Hakim Yahya Afridi asked him to give a written answer. Then, the trial of the case was postponed until now at the office.


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Foreign funding: Akbar S Babar seeks PTI records from the ECP oversight committee – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in March 10, 2021 5:37 am

Akbar S Babar seeks PTI records from the ECP oversight committee

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Akbar S. Babar has requested PTI records from the ECP oversight committee. The Election Commission will hear his application on March 16 regarding foreign funding.

In detail, the ECP examination committee meeting regarding the alleged foreign funding of PTI has ended. The meeting reviewed the notes submitted by PTI.

Speaking to the media outside the KPU after the meeting, Akbar S. Babar said that we have appeared before the KPU and KPU 150 times. Today is the Oversight Committee meeting.

“We have asked for the details of the accounts of four PTI employees via SBP. We have also provided sample accounts, “he said.

He said the foreign funding case is a stigma in our system, only 30 days are left, 3 years have passed but the investigation is still pending. All PTI accounts are kept private from us.

Akbar S. Babar said that foreign funding from the United States and the Middle East was kept secret. Despite all the evidence, no action was taken against Imran Khan.

“Institutions are asked to enforce the law. If there is evidence, why should no action be taken,” he said, adding that Imran Khan was above the law.


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“Friends” Imran Khan offered to make me chairman of the Senate, said Akbar S. Babar | Instant News

Disgruntled founding member of PTI and party leader Akbar S Babar. – Twitter / Files

ISLAMABAD: PTI founding member and disgruntled party leader Akbar S Babar said Monday that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s “friend” offered to make him chairman of the Senate, in exchange for taking no action against the party.

Speaking to the media, Babar – one of the founders of PTI who filed a foreign funding case against the party in 2014 – said he had been threatened and a case had been filed against him for demanding action against the party.

“My friend Imran Khan offered me the post of chairman of the Senate,” he said, adding that he “turned down all offers because I have a noble cause”.

The disgruntled PTI leader announced he would oppose the steering committee’s decision, adding that he could only seek justice from the institutions in Pakistan.

“When I filed a case against the party, Imran Khan was hiding behind a stay order,” he said. “Imran Khan has been running away from competitions against me for the last six years.”

Babar said PTI still has not disclosed the details of its six foreign bank accounts. “Over the past three years, [ECP’s] The supervisory committee has not been able to hold a party audit, ”he said.

Case background

Akbar S Babar, a founding member of PTI, had filed a case against Imran Khan’s party in November 2014 claiming in his petition that there had been massive financial irregularities dealing with foreign funding of up to nearly $ 3 million.

After the petition, PTI challenged the ECP’s order at IHC in 2017.

That same year, the IHC sent the case back to the electoral body to review its jurisdiction once again. In that case, the high court also appointed Babar as a member of the PTI decision.

Then on 8 May 2017, the ECP bench stated that the agency had full jurisdiction over the case.

In March 2018, a supervisory committee was formed to check PTI’s foreign funding accounts to determine if there had been any mistakes.

PTI on several occasions has sought confidentiality in its surveillance and has also approached the ECP, for that matter. However, in October 2019, the ECP rejected the party’s request.

PTI head Imran Khan has repeatedly accused the ECP of working on behalf of the Opposition in the case.


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Babar Awan, Shahzad Akbar failed to secure PTI tickets for the Senate election | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Two of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s top aides were unable to get PTI tickets for the upcoming Senate elections as the party issued a final list of candidates for the March 3 election.

The ruling party’s Parliamentary Council, which met here today with PM Imran Khan in the chair, disagreed with the names Babar Awan, Shahzad Akbar, Amir Mughal and Sajjad Turi as candidates for the hotly contested election.

The council gave tickets to 20 candidates.

From Balochistan, the name Abdul Qadir (a joint PTI-BAP candidate) was approved for the general seat while the PM’s Financial Advisors Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh and Fauzia Arshad were given tickets for the general seats and the one reserved for Islamabad respectively.

From Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Shibli Faraz, Mohsin Aziz, Zeeshan Khanzada, Faisal Saleem and Najiullah Khattak were given general seat tickets, while Dost Muhammad Mehsud and Dr Humayun Mohmand were granted permission to become PTI candidates in the Teknocrat seat.

Meanwhile, in the women-only seats, Dr Sania Nishtar (chairman of the Ehsaas Program) and Falak Naz Chitrali will be candidates for the ruling party, while Gurdeep Singh will be the PTI candidate in the seats reserved for minorities.

In the general seat of Punjab, Saifullah Khan Nyazee (North Punjab), Ejaz Ahmad Chaudhary (Central Punjab) and Aon Abbas Buppi (South Punjab) have been awarded PTI tickets.

Lawyers for Ali Zafar and Dr Zarqa are the ruling party candidates for the technocrat seat and the special women’s seat respectively.

From Sindh, where PTI is the second largest party, Faisal Vawda was awarded a ticket for the general seat while Saifullah Abrro will be the PTI candidate for the technocrat seat.


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