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Are Babies Born with 3 Eyes in Germany? | Instant News

A video is being shared with claims that it shows a magical baby with three eyes according to the predictions of a famous Indian sage.

An 11-second video clip showing a baby with three eyes. Pos said that the baby was born in Germany. A man can be heard talking to his baby.

“A child born in Germany with three eyes,” read the viral title.

Logical Indian received several requests to verify claims.

A baby born with 3 eyes in Germany.

Fact Check:

The claim is wrong.

The baby’s left eye and the third eye on the forehead move in the exact same direction.

Below is a comparison:

The video was also found on a YouTube channel that shares videos with titles that mention ‘craniofacial duplication’, or face duplication as the reason behind the eyes of the three babies in the video.

“Cranofacial duplication known as diprosopus is a rare inherited disorder in which part or all of the face is duplicated on the head. This is the case of a 1-year-old boy who was referred to our hospital with an extra eye (third eye) on the left side of the head. and abnormally shaped heads, seen from birth, January 2, 2018, “read video captions.

2018 case report published in the West Journal of Radiology, about babies born with genetic disorders in Nigeria talking about ‘craniofacial duplication’

Photos of babies published in medical paper (above) are different from babies in viral videos (below). Below is a comparison:

Furthermore, no reports of infants born with three eyes in Germany were found.

Boomlive has also checked the facts of the same claim.


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