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Kourtney Kardashian Gives Clues to Want to Have a Baby No. 4, Asking Fans to ‘Bless’ | Instant News


Before this, Kourtney had expressed interest in wanting to give his sons Mason Disick, Penelope Disick and Reign Disick, which he shared with former Scott Disick, another sibling.

Kourtney Kardashian has said that he wants to focus more on his family. Apparently, that could also mean that “Compete with Kardashians“Bintang wants to expand her little family with other babies.

Speculation began after the 40-year-old man entered into his Instagram account to share photos of him looking seductive in an orange dress. He left some buttons open deliberately, showing off his amazing midsection.

Steamy shots seem to make fans think that the mother of three children is now eating for two people. “You’re pregnant,” the fan wrote in the comments section. Another fan chimed in, “no, hoping he existed.”

The conversation caught Kourtney’s attention. While he appeared to clear speculation, his response was rather vague. “Put the blessing there,” he answered the fan.

Before this, Kourtney had expressed interest in wanting to give his children Mason Disick, 10, Penelope Disick, 7, and Reign Disick, 5, other siblings. Back in January, he talked about pregnancy rumors, saying, “No, I hope.”

The baby’s father Scott Disick also share sentiments. In the 2017 episode “KUWTK”, family friend Malika Haqq asked the former couple, “Do you have a fourth child?” when hanging out at Khloe Kardashianhome. Scott simply answered, “Yes.”

“Will you do it?” Malika checked, which Scott confirmed, “M’hm.” Malika continued, “Wait, are you going to donate or is this like a restriction you have to do?” Scott replied, “Whatever he wants, but maybe just do it artificially so it’s not weird.”

“I really think that Kourtney has a lot of anger towards me, but in the end, we have three children together,” he added. “That will not change. My biggest focus now is learning how to really, continue and think about doing more things with my children without Kourtney. Somewhat fun in the sense that there are no more false hopes. This is just one more transition in a very strange part of being together and not being together. ”