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“Chromatica” Lady Gaga is an iconic intergalactic journey Art Entertainment | Instant News

From the first glance, “Chromatica“It seems unfriendly to our planet. That album cover Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album featuring the fashionable Gaga trapped in a futuristic spaceship. Music video for “Stupid love“And”Rain on me“Share the aesthetics of a futuristic dystopia that is similar to” Mad Max “and” Blade Runner. ” That song list itself divided into three parts, all introduced by the introduction to the sublime orchestra are more similar to concerts than typical pop albums. Lady Gaga has canceled Earth, and judging from his last bait, he has fun in space.

Like many of my favorite albums, my descent to “Chromatica” Lady Gaga is less than a familiar leap to nostalgia and more leaps of faith in a whole new soundscape. I didn’t jump into the full album stream until I registered myself for this review and honestly, I don’t regret taking that leap of faith. “Chromatica” does not make me stranded in an alien dystopia, but rather reminds me of the simple nostalgia from Gaga’s previous work.

For all intents and purposes, “Chromatica” is based on its origin on earth. This is an exciting exploration of time, dancing at a party without caring in the world. The atmosphere is strong on this album, the instrumentals are clean and friendly and the melody is empowering. Vocal Gaga? Perfectly and fully reflects the strength of his voice. He bellows and soared, showing a strong performance on the tracklist. The celebration came naturally to the planet Chromatica, and we were blessed to receive its voice.

The prominent songs on this album are scattered throughout the song list, leaving little or no tedious moment in playback. The first part has two main singles and features with Ariana Grande, but songs like “Alice” which are filled with references cannot be ignored. The second part features features with the BLACKPINK K-pop group, alongside prominent tracks like the powerful “911” and “Enigma” robots. The third and final part is the shortest one, consisting of three powerful, closer tracks that include features by Elton John, from everyone. “Babylon” also has a pleasant reference to “the style of the ancient city,” reflecting this cozy party.

Among all these intergalactic celebrations, Gaga also gives us an introspective look into her life. Gaga always serves us human connections in her discography, and between ignorance of futuristic aesthetics, she continues to serve. Gaga, like many of us, longs for emotional utopia, for empowerment and recovery from trauma. A close look at Gaga’s lyrics gives us a close look at her humanity, all while celebrating our relationship together.

“Chromatica,” like any work of fiction, is imperfect. It was a heavy-vibration album; Instrumental variations are not the specialty of this album, but rather focus on dance-pop instruments such as clean synth and unique piano chords. Short tracks are also a double-edged sword held by Gaga. This album never dragged, but rather soared during the 43 minute runtime, like an alien rushing to invade Earth. However, the short track makes me want more. It almost feels insulting now that I’ve never ridden in Lady Gaga’s booth, because after listening to this, I left wanting more.

If you haven’t already, give it a listening album. At worst, this is a fun album to keep for Zoom parties and future club trips, and at best, it’s a strong reminder that Lady Gaga continues to be a strong pop artist after many years. Personally, I depend on the latter, and I am excited for what Gaga will present in the future after what must be one of the most enjoyable pop albums to listen to. Go girl, give us more.


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