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From Senior Bowl on, Bengali Cincinnati knew they needed to have Logan Wilson Casper | Instant News

Then their attention turned to Wilson, who Taylor said the organization had focused on since the beginning of the design. Three deep linebackers were taken in the first round Thursday, and Wilson, whose ESPN analyst Mel Goalkeeper has ranked as the third best prospect in the position entering the draft, will not be far behind.

Once the Kansas City Chief – one of the teams that Wilson met during the pre-draft process – turned him over to Mississippi State midfielder Willie Gay with a second to final choice in the second round, the Bengals, very pleasant for everyone in their conscription war room, at there waiting to make Wilson the first choice of the third round.

“With Logan Wilson, we walked into the first day of the draft and said,” Somehow, we will end up with him in our team, ” Taylor told Bengals.com shortly after compiling Wilson. “You don’t really care where you take it because you plan to come and play a big role.”

Taylor refused to reveal to the in-house website whether Wilson was the top-ranked linebacker on the organization’s board of directors, but the Bengals have been hooked with Wilson since they got the chance to see him at the Senior Bowl in January. Taylor coached the South team while Wilson was suitable for the North team, but the Brass Bengals, who included senior defensive assistant Mark Duffner, watched Wilson during training and had the opportunity to talk with him for a week in Mobile, Alabama.


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