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FBR agreed to return Rs1bln to Sindh in tax controversy | Instant News

KARACHI: The Federal Revenue Council (FBR) agreed to return the Rs1 billion withheld from the Sindh treasury, prompting the provincial government to continue to collect withholding taxes on motor vehicle registrations after a three-month break, sources said on Thursday.

The source said the Sindh Excise and Taxation Department was continuing to collect withholding taxes on motor vehicle registrations after FBR agreed to return the amount as the first phase of Rs5 billion.

The Sindh government suspended levying a withholding tax on new motor vehicle registrations in July last year after the FBR recovered a total of Rs5 billion from a provincial bank account managed at the federal level.

The federal government is making all its efforts to convince provincial governments to continue collecting as withholding taxes. However, the provincial government has a clear stance that the collection will not commence until the money is returned that was allegedly taken by FBR from its account.

The provincial department collects withholding taxes under section (231B and 234 Income Tax Ordinance 2001).

The provincial excise and taxation department suspended tax collection, referring to the Sindh cabinet decision. The province decided to stop collecting withholding taxes on behalf of the FBR, which were collected by the excise, taxation and narcotics control departments. The decision was taken in connection with the Sindh Cabinet decision which was held in February last year.

Following an irresistible provincial stance, FBR was forced to return the amount to the provincial government, according to FBR officials.

A senior FBR official confirmed with The News that the revenue agency paid one billion rupees out of the Rs5 billion claimed and the payment challenge was ready to transfer.

“The remaining amount will be paid on time,” the official said.

The Sindh excise and tax department began collecting tax cuts since last October. The FBR official said the provincial department assured top tax authorities about collecting motor vehicle registrations from July to September.

The Karachi Regional Tax Office received Rs222 million under section 231B in December, a significant 222 percent higher compared to Rs69 million in the same month last year. Likewise, the tax office received Rs207 million under section 234 in December, 15 percent higher than Rs181 million in the same month last year.


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Fashion trends are back | Instant News

MAYBE the best thing about fashion, apart from the make-up itself, is that the fashion trends of a few generations ago are back.

I’ll be raiding my parents’ wardrobe and will hang out on Pinterest for inspiration. So far, I’ve found my dad’s gray-white striped polo shirt and my mom’s flowing floral skirt. She wore it at my brother’s baptism in 1995.

Now, I notice that there is a fashion trend that my older sisters used to wear during the early 2000s in their teenage years that are back now. Here are some of them:

1. Rectangular neck blouse

The rectangular neckline accentuates the length of the neck, collarbone, and shoulders. I usually find this design on Pinterest and online fashion stores.

2. Plaid mini skirt

Think of Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time music video. Plaid mini skirts usually feature a young school girl look. This goes great with a fitted sweater, perhaps a turtleneck.

I recently bought this one from a friend at a previous job. Black mini skirt with thin plaid stripes in white and red. It’s a really comfortable outfit and can sometimes even be paired with a top that’s a little loose.

Plaid mini skirts can come in zipped, strapped, or garted.

3. Scrunchies

Back when I was young and my sisters were teenagers, these weren’t called scrunchies. They are called ponytails, at least in our place. They weren’t very fancy back then. It is just a basic tool for gathering one’s hair into a neat ponytail or bun.

But now, this hair accessory is more luxurious. Obviously, one thing is that they came up with a prettier name. Apart from that, they are also made of different fabrics – such as satin, silk, cotton, etc.

4. Baguette bag

I clearly remember this when I was young. We used to have some of them lying around the house belonging to my sister and mother. When you watch 90s to 2000s movies, chances are you will also see lots of characters using one of them. It is ‘that’ bag.

Now, back again! This photo is from EazyPeazy, a Filipino online bag shop. They come in black, gray, and olive green.

Women may feel nostalgic about finding this and that to become one of their bestsellers. It is not only beautiful but also has enough space for your needs.

5. Trousers

Rob your mom’s closet and look for trousers they don’t wear anymore. If it doesn’t suit you, take it to a tailor to change. That’s what I did!

They are perfect to pair with a tucked-in top and can be worn on casual days or office meetings. It’s also ideal for people in their 20s who are young professionals. As they say, wear and fashion according to your age.


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America’s Cup 2021: ‘Kiwi Kryptonite’ – meet the screen legend who beat Team New Zealand three times, and come back | Instant News

If there is any reason to be wary of Ineos Team UK at America’s Cup 2021, it may be the presence of an understated 63 year old Australian.

Of the three challengers, the English team has


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All Italians in yellow zone from 7 January – Zampa – England | Instant News

(ANSA) – ROME, DEC 31 – Deputy Health Minister Sandra Zampa said on Thursday she believes all of Italy will return to the yellow zone of low COVID risk on January 7, from the current festive red zone.

“I don’t know exactly the data from all regions but because it is better I think so,” said Zampa to Affaritaliani.it.

But he added: “we cannot rule out a new red zone, it will depend on the progress of the data”.

On January 7, he said, Italy would return to a three-color, three-tiered system, yellow, orange and red, but almost all countries are expected to be yellow. (ANSA).