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The FIA ​​captured hawala supported by RAW, the hundi agent in the attack | Instant News

The Counter Terrorism Wings of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) dug up another international network of illegal hawala and hundi businesses and arrested a suspected RAW agent in Karachi on Tuesday.

The suspect, identified only as Junaid, has been accused of financing the country’s enemies through a network of hawala and hundi established in the city. He was the manager of a money exchange company and his arrest was carried out in an attack in the Dhoraji area. He was accused of being a member of international hawala and mafia hundi.

An FIA spokesman, confirming the arrest, said the suspect was involved in distributing money among anti-state elements and Indian spies through hawala and hundi networks. The raid team confiscated his laptop, USB and cellphone from him.

An FIA spokesman said Mehmood Siddiqui’s group from the Muttahida Qaumi-London Movement was used to give assignments to RAW agents in Karachi via e-mail from India. He added that according to the IP address of the confiscated laptop, most emails were sent from New Delhi. RAW agents will get funds after they get the code word ID.

This is the second major action taken by the FIA’s Counter-Terrorism Wing against anti-state elements in recent days. On July 15, the FIA ​​had arrested a key agent from a cell that was sleeping from India’s main intelligence and research agency, Wing and Research (RAW). The man was identified as Zafar, who was allegedly involved in sending money through illegal means from Karachi.

The attack was carried out by a team from the FIA’s Anti-Terrorism Wing in Saddar, in connection with ongoing questions from suspected RAW agents who had been detained. The suspect, named Yaseen, is the manager of a money exchange company and is involved in transferring money to the country’s enemies through hundi. The raid team confiscated cellphones, laptops and other important items. According to the FIA, money is given to anti-state elements through an international secret network of hawala / hundi operators.

RAW has been found active and involved in various terror activities in Karachi for several months. The recent arrests by the Karachi police also show that RAW used various anti-state groups operating in the city.

A few days ago, police arrested six members of a separatist group supported by RAW from Balochistan. They are members of the same group that was behind the attacks on the Pakistan Stock Exchange and the Chinese consulate in Karachi. Previously, the arrest of several elements supported by RAW was also carried out by the Special Investigation Unit. Among those arrested was a police officer associated with MQM-L in Karachi, who suggested that RAW use MQM-L and the Balochistan and Sindh separatist groups.


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Bank of Pakistan’s growth prospects for IMF-supported reforms: ADB | Instant News

KARACHI: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has considered Pakistan’s growth prospects with ongoing IMF-supported reforms aimed at fiscal consolidation and development initiatives to uphold economic stability.

In the latest country factsheet, the Manila-based lender said reforms initiated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) stabilization program along with projects under the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and other development initiatives “will continues to influence Pakistan’s growth prospects “.

“Pakistan has experienced a fiscal deficit and the current account,” the ADB said. “Continued efforts towards fiscal consolidation will be key to maintaining increased macroeconomic stability.”

Last year, the IMF agreed to lend $ 6 billion, guiding structural changes to help Pakistan get back on the path of growth after slowing down to a mode of lack of inflows. The second review was different last month to keep delaying the third phase of disbursement.

ADB underlines the need for expanding the tax base, improving the business environment, and reforms to promote high value-added exports, expand social spending, advance the development of the energy sector, and strengthen institutions.

“To help improve Pakistan’s fiscal sustainability and create a better business environment, ADB will continue to engage in policy dialogue with the government on managing macroeconomic imbalances, while maintaining the momentum of structural reforms to support economic stability and expansion,” he added. “ADB will continue to support Pakistan through the investments outlined in the country’s operations business plan, 2020-2022.”

Last year, the bank approved $ 7.1 billion based on the country’s operating business plan, 2020-2022 for Pakistan. The plan includes project loans; policy-based loans for structural reforms; multitranche financing facilities for energy, transportation, water, and other urban infrastructure and services; and results-based loans for energy and social services.

ADB said its operations in the country focused on developing energy-efficient and climate-resistant transit systems and infrastructure, improving secondary education, improving technology-based agriculture, and advancing the energy sector. There is a $ 2.2 billion sustainable portfolio that includes energy generation, transmission, distribution, energy efficiency and renewable energy development. The bank has channeled $ 25.18 billion in cumulative loans and grant disbursements to Pakistan since 1966.

ADB also supports public-private partnership initiatives in the country to support the delivery of public infrastructure. The bank provides financial assistance to non-state projects and financial intermediaries as a catalyst for private investment. Total commitments from ADB funds alone (in equity and direct loans) in 2019 amounted to $ 3 billion for 38 transactions in the economic and social infrastructure, financial sector, and agribusiness. Last year, ADB mobilized $ 3.28 billion in long-term joint financing and $ 3.69 billion in joint financing in trade finance, microfinance, and supply chain finance programs. Total non-state transaction balances and commitments funded by ADB resources alone reached $ 13.78 billion as at 31 December 2019.


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U.S., Israel Praises German Steps to Prohibit Iran-Supported Hizballah | Instant News

Germany has banned the activities of Lebanese-backed Iranian militant group Hizballah on its territory and established it as a terrorist organization, a move welcomed by rivals Tehran, the United States and Israel.

“Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has banned the Shiite Hizballah terrorist organization in Germany,” Interior Ministry spokesman Steve Alter tweeted on April 30th.

The announcement came after German police carried out a morning attack in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Bremen and the capital, Berlin, to detain suspected members of the group.

Hizballah has been designated a terrorist organization by the United States and Israel.

U.S. Ambassador for Germany Richard Grenell welcomed this step and urged other EU countries to follow suit.

Germany’s ban reflects the West’s determination to face the global threats posed by [Hizballah]”Grenell said in a statement, adding that the group” cannot be allowed to use Europe as a safe place to support terrorism in Syria and throughout the Middle East. “

Grenell’s statement was echoed by Iran’s arch-enemy, Israel, which also called on other European countries to follow Berlin’s example.

“This is a very important decision and a valuable and significant step in the global war against terrorism,” Israeli Foreign Minister Katz said.

Germany has previously distinguished between the political arm of Hizballah and its military units, which have fought alongside President Bashar al-Assad’s forces in Syria.

The group is also an important supporter of the Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s government, which took office in January.

As many as 1,050 people in Germany are part of the extremist wing of Hizballah, security officials estimate.

Based on reporting by Reuters, DPA, and AFP

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