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51 Classic offers hours of fun | Instant News

If there is one consistent message in 2020, this is this: People must stay inside. Corona virus has made people take shelter and civil unrest has made the curfew spread.

As America swings from one crisis to another, domestic life becomes more important because families see hours of quality time stretching before them. They can spend it with the Netflix series or switch to “Clubhouse Games: 51 Classics Worldwide” on the Nintendo Switch.

Yes, the title doesn’t really roll, but the latest entry into the console library packs a lot of entertainment for family game nights. By utilizing the versatility of Joy-Con and the touch screen system, the developers at Agenda have programmed 51 enhanced games plus an imperfect piano for players.

This list is a mix of card games, board games, curiosity based toys and other entertainment. “Clubhouse Games” supports up to four players and has an online mode. Through a program that can be downloaded for free on Nintendo eShop, players who have complete games can play with other console switches. That means one full version can support many consoles for local games.

In essence, “Clubhouse Games” is a party title. This is a project that excels in group settings – much like board games. Competitors can debate the lucky roll at Yacht Dice – aka Yahtzee – or they can test their skills at Darts using Joy-Con’s motion controls.

The game itself does not take too long and is easy to pick up and play thanks to its familiarity. Players will know games like Chess, Domino, and Chess. They will even recognize copies of childhood favorites like Sorry !, Uno and Connect 4, even though they are registered under a name that is not protected by copyright.


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