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Immigrants in Switzerland trust institutions more | Instant News

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While 41% of the latter trust the political system, the figure is 53% for those of immigrant background, according to 2019 figures published by the Federal Statistical Office.

The same applies to the justice system (50% and 60%, respectively) and the police (65% and 70%).

Immigrants are also (almost) the same as Switzerland naturally to participate politically, when they have rights. By 2019, almost 60% of this group took part in at least eight of the 19 votes available, while the figure was 67% for Switzerland.

On the other hand, immigrant populations in Switzerland (ie more than 25% of the population) generally have worse financial and material conditions.

For example, 6% of first generation immigrants live in poverty. The rate for second generation and non-immigrants is 3%. Some 6.1% of non-Swiss benefited from social welfare, compared to 2.3% of Swiss passport holders.


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Discord Beta Launches Suppression of New Background Noise in Voice Chat Feature | Instant News

According to the blog post Dispute website, the chat service for gamers will now add a new feature to its platform called “noise suppressor” in beta as part of their partnership with Krisp.ai.


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Discord Beta introduces new background noise suppression in the voice chat feature

This feature will begin launching to all desktop users today, April 11. This feature will detect and remove all types of background noise so that platform users can now be heard more clearly.

Dispute write in their post “Clean up the void in the background; slam the door; ruffle a bag of chips; keep using your very loud keyboard that your friend complained about. They won’t be able to hear it,”

Although the new feature is still in beta, it does not mean that users have to wait for an official invitation to test it. Now considered a direct feature.

It will only appear when you enter the voice chat channel. After you do this, the user will receive a prompt that will explain how the new feature works. It will also have its own button for users to switch to enable or disable it.

“It’s hard to control the sounds that occur around you. When people choose to work, study, and stay at home at Discord, we want to help all those who might be trapped in situations that are not ideal,” as said in their blog post. . “Today we are launching a new noise suppression feature in the early beta in partnership with Krisp.ai.”

A large number of users have caused tension in the system

As more people stay indoors because of the social distance in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, many video and chat services are putting enormous pressure on them. systemDisputes have become one of them.

They had previously experienced several widespread service outages that made many of their communities offline. During the outage, the company said that they were investigating a problem where a number of servers were completely unavailable. The outage lasted more than an hour after Discord revealed that capacity increased worldwide by more than 20% to help users connect more smoothly with others.

Discord is still trying to launch this new feature in its mobile application. For now, it remains available only for desktop users. You may need to exit the application and restart if it does not appear on your PC version.

Users can switch Krisp in their Settings under “Application Settings,” “Voice and Video,” “Advanced,” and then “Noise Suppression.”

Users can find out more about how the newly added noise suppression feature works through the company Help Center.

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