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Fashion Designer Vera Wang Stuns in Her Last Pics on Social Media | Instant News

Defying the rules of aging, ace bridal fashion designer Vera Wang’s bride shocked the world with her latest Instagram post. The icon, which is currently being quarantined in Miami Beach, does not hesitate to tell the world about its schedule today.

Sharing a series of photos from her daily routine, Vera described her work from the home schedule while preparing a wedding dress. What surprised the fans was the fact that the designer managed to look very healthy and fine at the age of 70 years. With smooth skin and tight body, Vera has surprised netizens.

The designer posted a recent photo, wearing an orange dress and matching dress. He wrote it, “Category is … #StayHome Backyard Ball (sic).”

The eternal beauty fascinates many fans and followers, with some even asking if she really is 70 years old. They seemed to be obsessed with his style and on-point mode.

He also shares photos, resting on the couch at his home in Miami. “Hari ?????? ….. Bored at home and I’m at home bored (bored) (sic),” he wrote in a statement.

Netizens praised him for toned legs and eternal beauty. Here are some other photos from the quarantine days.

He revealed being stuck in Miami with a social media post that was shared a few days ago. This designer lives with his coworkers today.

“Be careful. Well. Be careful. But most importantly, give love to everyone you can, even if it’s in a call, like, or message (sic),” he said in the article.

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