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Increase slightly Thursday, snow may be southern on Friday Weather | Instant News

Good Thursday morning! We hope you have a great week and send the best for the second half of a beautiful week.

Our series of cold weather rolled yesterday and seems to continue for Thursday, although we will start to see signs of improvement entering the weekend.

As far as our snow opportunities went, most of it had ended for a week. But there is one more chance for one part of Mid-Michigan as we enter Friday.

Today & Tonight

As for this morning, the sky had largely cleared once again. Temperature had fallen to the 20s this morning, with shivering winds in the same area the past few days with our coolest spots falling into teenagers.

Although we will not see temperatures that are significantly warmer this afternoon, we must arrange to return to the lower and middle 40s this afternoon under some to the mostly cloudy skies We indeed hope that most areas remain dry, but the busyness passing is not completely out of the question.

The wind will pick up a little more today, holding out from the west about 10-20 miles per hour at its peak, with gusts of wind near 20-25 miles per hour. This made the wind shiver once again in their 20s and 30s.

When we work through the curfew tonight, the sky may clear briefly like the last few days. But we expect a gradual increase in clouds towards morning travel time tomorrow ahead of the system that passes mostly to our south.

The overnight lows will settle in the middle 20s to around 30s for most locations.


Snow Friday

A system that passes through the Ohio Valley will pass close enough where we can see snow falling into parts of the area on Friday morning.

Most of the snow, especially the heaviest snow, will remain to our south. But the area along I-69 will have the chance to see some flakes flying tomorrow morning, maybe shots from outside to get as far north as the Tri-Cities (lower probability).

If this snow gets into our territory, we expect it will remain on the brighter side, with accumulations below 1 “. There may be some slippery areas for the morning hours tomorrow because this also passes through it.

Although snow may occur in some parts of the region, it appears that much of the area will remain dry and need not worry tomorrow with most of the cloudy sky expected throughout the day tomorrow.

Highs on Friday will have the chance to rise back to the mid-40s.

Friday's highs

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