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Franco-Italian floods: Macron warns villagers to rebuild it may take months as the death toll rises again | Instant News

Emmanuel Macron has warned villagers living in flood-stricken areas of France that it may take months to rebuild their homes and lives because he promised a € 100 million recovery fund.

The French president on Wednesday visited several areas of the Alps devastated by the recent floods that killed at least 13 people – five in France and eight in Italy. About 20 people are still missing.

Speaking from Breil-sur-Roya, a village of 2,000 people that has been turned to mud, rock and rubble, Macron praised the “courage” and “solidarity” of rescuers and residents, promising to send aid.

This includes a € 100 million emergency aid fund in addition to financing from the European Union and local authorities, he said.

His comments came as pictures of the catastrophe caused by flooding throughout the week circulated, including destroyed houses, roads and bridges.

The rushing water also found bodies in village graves – and, in some cases, had cleaned the bodies.

Several people in Tende, a village on the border with Italy told Macron how they had “lost everything” and were now worried about their future.

One woman, who broke down in tears while talking to the president, asked him “not to forget us,” adding: “We need help.”

Village mayor Jean-Pierre Vassallo, meanwhile, said a local shepherd had disappeared in a landslide with some of his flock.

His brother survived after successfully holding on to a nearby tree.

The village, which has been without electricity and communication for two days, and is blocked by a road.

“We are in trouble,” said Vassallo.

The helicopters now provide food and other supplies for the residents to stay safe.

The floods were most severe in the Alpes-Maritimes department of France and across the border in the northwestern Italian region of Liguria and Piedmont.

According to French Prime Minister Jean Castex, more than 900 rescuers, 500 police officers and several military forces are currently involved in the emergency operation.


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Two were killed, 24 were missing in floods in France and Italy | Instant News

At least 24 people have been reported missing in France and Italy on Saturday and two people died in the massive floods that followed heavy rains.

The hurricane that hit southeastern France and then moved into northern Italy destroyed bridges, blocked roads and isolated communities, trapping at least 15 people in their cars on a mountain trail linking the two countries.

The two victims killed were a firefighter in Italy, killed in a rescue operation in Val d’Aosta, and a man whose body was found in Vercelli province on Friday.

France has been hit by torrential rains since Hurricane Alex landed on Thursday afternoon. Brittany, in the northwest, and Cote d’Azur, in the southeast, were most affected.

Météo France said in a bulletin published on Saturday morning that although rainfall had weakened in the Alpes-Maritimes, the unmonitored rise in water levels in some streams still confirmed the yellow warning.

The coastal department was put on red alert on Friday.

As much as 500 mm of rain fell locally in parts of the department during the previous 24 hours, the meteorological agency said.

Meanwhile, in Italy’s Piedmont region, rainfall levels have not been seen since 1958.

Heavy rains have caused considerable damage and caused power outages. Said energy company Enedis that 13,500 of his clients were still without electricity by 10pm on a Friday.

Several houses were washed away and the dramatic bridge collapse in Saint-Martin-Vésubie was also filmed by residents.

The fire service said it was among the few villages that were still “cut off from the world”.

They added that 850 firefighters – including 348 from outside the département – would be mobilized on Saturday to provide assistance to “victims of Storm Alex.”

“Our hearts go out to their missing families and especially to our two fellow firefighters,” they said said on Facebook.

Four helicopters from the Civil Security Agency were also dispatched to assist with the rescue effort. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said.


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The local church donated food to families during the pandemic | Instant News


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – While the busy grocery store continues to prevent those who cannot go to the grocery store, the Department of Agriculture and the United Sates church work together to help people from starvation.

For the second week the Methodist Church of Anderson United of Hanging Moss Road distributed more than 1,000 boxes of food including fresh fruit, vegetables and milk to families.

All drivers enter the parking lot and allow volunteers to load supplies into their vehicles – a process that is much safer for the elderly and vulnerable.

“Every vehicle, no matter how many people are in it, the family will get a box of items that may be in the form of apples, onions, and all kinds of fruits and vegetables there along with milk,” said AUMC Associate Pastor Domini Henry.

For people who are still unemployed due to a pandemic, the urge to eat has become very important.

“This is very helpful because it saves money that we don’t make now because I’m also unemployed. I won’t say that I’m at the point where I just have to do this, but it helps stretch the money even further because I don’t know when I’ll get a job. So at least it helps us save money for times when this might not be available, “said Venecca Green.

Pick up is available for any Jackson family who cannot shop, or who cannot drive by themselves.

“That’s the problem with some people who don’t have cars and their buses don’t come here. Someone has to go help them and bring it to them,” said Ruth Davis, who is a member of the church at Anderson Methodist.

Volunteers say when it comes to defeating the virus as a whole, one of the best ways is they come together as a community of mutual attraction when they need help.


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More rain and rain on Sunday, possibly flooding | Instant News

  • A Flood Watch applies to Detroit and throughout Southeast Michigan from 8am to 11am Monday.
  • The Lakeshore Flood Warning applies to Macomb, Monroe, and Wayne districts until 8 Tuesday.
  • The Lakeshore Flood Warning applies to Sanilac and St districts. Clair until 4 pm Tuesday.

DETROIT – Welcome to Sunday, Motown.

Flooding is possible again before the day is over. It gets colder, but more rain and storms will arrive. Areas that become flooded, once again, must face more rain after today. Rain remained in the forecast earlier this week. We are out of here with spectacular weather. It becomes brighter and warmer at the beginning of Memorial Day weekend.

Sunday morning will be cloudy and cool. Temperatures start in the 40s and 50s low. East winds that constantly blow 6 to 12 mph will keep the potential for flooding high along large lakes, especially Lake Erie and Lake St. South Clair meets the Detroit River.

The sun rises at 6.10 am.

Rain and storms began to germinate and develop in places scattered throughout the region. Lighter with the highest in the middle 60s. Anyone traveling must remember the mask, gloves and safe driving skills on the highway and on the road area.

There is a marginal risk for strong to severe storms, especially south of M-59 / Hall Road, with frequent and destructive wind and hail. Swimming is a danger that can cause hydroplaning if someone is not slowing down and not careful. Homeowners will want to monitor basements, gutters and sump pumps to limit or prevent flooding. Being a good neighbor by cleaning the storm channel is a good thing to do, too.

Sunday nights can get wet too. Rain and storms will remain in the area. Temps will be at the low level of the 60s.

The sun sets at 8:50 pm

Sunday nights will get wet and, sometimes, storms. Stay light with overnight lows in the low and middle 50s.

Monday will have on and off the shower in the morning and evening. It will be cooler with afternoon temps in the low 60s.

Even Tuesday has a chance of rain, but the shower will be lighter and more widespread. Tuesday afternoon will be cool and dry with temperatures in the low 60s.

Wednesday will be brighter and brighter with partially clear skies and the highest in the middle and upper 60s.

Thursday and Friday warm up with mostly sunny skies. Daytime temperatures rose to low 70s on Thursday and to the upper 70s on Friday.

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