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Promotional badges pinned on 400 ASI | Instant News

LAHORE: CCPO Zulfiqar Hameed and SSP Admin Liaqat Malik attach promotional badges to the 400 ASI newly promoted during the ceremony here on Monday.

CCPO on this occasion said that timely and appropriate promotion is the right of every police. He added that the police promoted had to work hard with full dedication. SSP Liaqat said police promotion would continue so that the police had to complete their ACR without delay.

CHECK DISTRIBUTION: CCPO Zulfiqar Hameed distributed group insurance checks to 8 police families who died in his office. The family of the deceased police officer, Mudassar, received a check worth 1.9 million Rs. The SSP Admin was also present on this occasion. CCPO says the Lahore police will take every step for the welfare of the bereaved family.


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