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25, PV Sindhu is already an Olympic medalist and world champion – where does she go from here? | Instant News

In normal circumstances, PV Sindhu would have celebrated his 25th birthday with one eye firmly on the clock countdown to the Olympic games in Tokyo, which was to begin at the end of this month. Indian badminton star would, without a doubt, was one of the favorites to claim the gold medal.

As things stand that the crack at the Olympic glory will have to wait at least a year. But for the 2016 Rio silver medalist of the Olympic games this breather is overdue. After all, for nearly a decade, the hectic schedule of the badminton world tour Federation and her own training, including on court for training before dawn, allowed her to TRULY revel in her success so far.

Indeed, how many 25-year-old can boast of five medals at the world Cup — including the tag of becoming the first world champion in her country — to go with Olympic and Asian Games medal. Her annual salary is also In excess of $5.5 million With almost a dozen endorsements and all this in a country where athletes from sports other than cricket do not enjoy such love.

Courage, glory, gold: PV Sindhu, world Championships triumph was inevitable

But all of this is really surprising for those watching the transfer of Hyderabad from its first days. Daughter of the volleyball matches PV and P Vijaya Ramana always stood out thanks to its reach, the boom the beat and the hard work that put even the elderly to shame.

During her younger days, Sindhu would like you all to show the player, as it naturally athletic body can fully recover between sessions, which allows her to train in several sessions. I understand why coach Pullela Gopichand decided to put in extra effort to help its level in early 2011.

Sindhu was 16 then and Gopichand knew it was the right time to challenge a teenager. She almost pulled off a great achievement when she came one step from qualifying for the summer Olympic games in London 2012.

She in the end did not make the cut. But what followed in the next two years proved a giant killing prowess. In 2012 China masters, she got upset then-Olympic champion Li xuerui and. On the 2013 world championship, she beat a high rank Wang Yihan and Wang Shixian to become a singles player first Indian woman to win a medal at this prestigious event.

Since then, Sindhu has won three Superseries titles, one title World tour the Final six of Grand Prix “Gold” crowns on the tour. But she always came in his element in major competitions like the world Championships (up to three consecutive finals), together with the summit clashes in Rio and the Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta.

And as the reigning world champion, she has the world at her feet.

But the big obvious question for Sindhu: where does she go from here? Olympic games in Tokyo gold remains a realistic target, but no one actually not sure that the game will take place in 2021 at the peak of his skill, it requires more of a challenge?

25, Sindhu has already achieved a lot in his career. But it is no exaggeration to say that she has the talent to do even better, it is in the game as a world great.

Just before the world championship campaign in 2019 in Basel, Indian team, coach of foreign Affairs Kim JI Hyun spoke about how Sindhu need to be smarter on the court and to be innovative. In South Korea it was clear that if an Indian could achieve great things, with some limitations, the sky was clearly the limit, if she overcame them.

The desire for consistency

While she was winning medals at major competitions, she also suffered unexpected losses on the Tour. Beginning in January 2018, Sindhu has reached two super 500 and 1000 super final and won the World tour finals crown in addition to the core medals. But the statistics, which can bother her that in the last 19 tournaments she entered, she was knocked out in the quarterfinals or up to 14 times.

And it is this sequence that Sindhu should be sought here, as it clearly is at the peak of his physical strength and has the potential to dominate on a world tour, like tai Tzu Ying among peers or Kento momota video stream of the men’s singles.

Sindhu, as a person, very humble and, as she says, before almost all major tournaments, believes that her best and hopes to reap the rewards. She even approaches games with the same modesty, wanting to grind your way to victory, when she has the skills and strength, perhaps, to bulldoze their opponents into submission.

She did it against Okhuara in a surreal 2019 world Cup final in Basel, and the results were there for all to see: where she dropped only 14 points in all.

Long coronavirus-induced break would give Sindhu enough time to reset its goals for the next few years. She definitely hope to add more titles a tour of her booty while continuing to Shine on the big event.

But for her to do this consistently, Sindhu needs to get out of your comfort zone in exercise is similar to what coach Gopichand took over, causing her to scream in front of the entire Academy before the Olympic games in Rio.

This time she will have to do it yourself. Maybe it will help Sindhu if she can build her own support team that provides the balance needed to enjoy life outside of the court, and continues to put pressure on her. Of course, her parents and Gopichand must provide the necessary emotional and tactical support.

In addition, there is a lesson she can take from one of their bitter rivals and friend Carolina marín. The triple world champion and Europe for victory in the women’s figure skating Olympic gold medal has never shied away from admitting that she wants to be the best in the world.

And if Sindhu wants to make the transition from one of the most successful players of the current era everything is fine, she also needs to start wearing that ambition on her sleeve.


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Lin Dan announces retirement | Instant News

Two-time Olympic champion Lin Dan badminton has announced his retirement from the sport on Saturday, bringing his career to an end.

“I have dedicated everything to the sport I love. My family, coaches, teammates and fans have accompanied me through many happy moments and difficult moments,” he said on China’s Twitter-like Weibo.

Lin was previously eyeing a third Olympic gold medal in Tokyo. “I’m 37 now, and my physical Fitness and pain will not allow me to fight side by side with my teammates,” he said.

Lin dropped to 19th place in the world rankings and all but dropped out of the race for the Olympic games in Tokyo, both Chen long and Shi Yuqi to be placed much higher than him.

Along with winning gold in 2008 and 2012 Olympic games, Lin is also a five-time world champion.

Lin has dominated men’s singles badminton for about ten years along with Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei, who announced in June last year his pension after a long struggle with cancer of the nose.


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International exposure is just a way for badminton players to increase: Murad | Instant News


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