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Needham Fashion Company Turns to Mask Production in the Middle of Pandemic – NBC Boston | Instant News

While Marissa and Adam Goldstein of Needham, Massachusetts, already have hands full of two pairs of twins, they are also busy entrepreneurs running a fashion company that usually makes accessories such as backpacks and pockets.

“As a small business, when coronaviruses began to spread, obviously, our sales began to decline,” said Marissa Goldstein.

Like many companies today, there is not much demand for their products.

“We are trying to find out what we can do to help others and make good use of our resources,” Goldstein said.

And they realize that the fabric they are working on can make a face mask that is in great demand.

“We rotated last night from making bags to making masks,” he said.

Every purchase on their website leads to donations for front-line workers like the first respondent.

On Friday, the couple donated 100 masks to the Framingham Police Department.

Goldsteins, which runs their fair trade company named Rafi Nova out of their homes in Needham, must move quickly to switch production lines.

“We make masks in New York, in a small family factory in the Bronx,” Goldstein said. “We also make masks at our bag factory in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City.”

They are trying to keep sales high, at the same time, keeping people working and contributing PPE.

“We know what we do is really small, but what we learn is there is a role that everyone has to play,” Adam Goldstein said. “There are ordinary people like us who need to do things like this to keep everyone running now.”

The company plans to donate 10,000 masks by the end of April to police officers, firefighters, nurses and restaurant workers.


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