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Step directly towards this in the middle of the home game | lifestyle | Instant News

Bright lights and the sound of carnival music are gone, but you can still step into the midst of fun at home. Rig the game the way you want and treat your family to some backyard games. Choose your own gift to give, such as a pile of stuffed animals that you never donated to Goodwill, or play for housework.

Settings for dropping coins. Different sizes and shapes of glasses are ideal for more challenging games. Mark the specifics for the prize winner or see who gets the most hits.

The coin falls

My personal favorite carnival game is coin drop. With your nickels in hand and various glasses, vases, jars and anything not filled with water, take your shot and flip a coin into the jar.

Prizes are awarded on a scale of how many jars where the coins enter. The more jars, the bigger the prize.

Or choose some random glasses that are the only ones that will pay for additional frustration and difficulties.

This is best played on a large table outside with various levels to add to the difficulty.

Ring Toss

This classic game is probably the easiest to get from this list. All you need is a few bottles of different sizes and rings that can fit around the neck (or not).

Shower curtain rings can increase the level of difficulty given its size and lighter weight, bangle bracelets that you can use to hoard youth can also be used. Really any ring is at least a little bigger than a bottle.

Put the bottles in a container of milk or soda to keep them grouped or stick tape around it and place it on the table.

Stand at least 6 feet (we all know this distance well now) and start throwing your ring.

There are several ways to “win” the game.

The first, and the classic version directly from the exhibition, is to choose some of the most difficult bottles to throw on the ring to present the biggest prize.

Or try the race element. Two players have 60 seconds to throw the ring into as many bottles as possible. The one who wins the most.

Bean Bag Ladder Toss

Settings for lottery bean bag stairs. The steps marked on the stairs indicate the score. Get the bag through the steps and the player collects points.

Bean Bag Ladder Toss

This is similar to ball-skiing in the way it is played. Take the stairs, whatever their length, and stick a paper with a different score for each rung with the lowest score below.

Each player has four bags of beans that they will throw to the stairs. If their bag passes the stairs with a score on it, they get points.

Exchange trade offs between players and note where each person stands during the game.

The player with the most points wins.

Fired RaceLike a family reunion or your parents’ work picnic, pick up some pillowcases that you don’t care about, or a few burlap sacks if you are lucky enough to have them. Set the starting and ending lines on the grassy stretch of your lawn or garden and ask drivers to take their mark.

One person screams away or blows the whistle, and the racer jumps to the finish line.

With very few settings and mature competition, the sack race is always the winner.

(Secure COVID-19: Only people who live in the same house should be in pillowcases or burlap sacks together.)

Water balloons are thrown

Jeannie Whittle throws a water balloon at an opponent in her backyard.

Stir Water Balloon

For the hot August days to come, this can really cool you down.

With two people standing about 3 feet from each other, take one filled water balloon and start tossing it back and forth with each other.

After each successful throw, each person takes one step further than the other, increasing the distance with each throw.

When a balloon is thrown, it becomes softer and harder to hang which can cause falls, bad throws, or even a very desirable explosion in the next catch, soaking one player with water.

Whoever doesn’t get the balloon appears wins, although I will argue on a hot day, the person who is soaking wet is the real winner.


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It’s a strange time to travel | To select | Instant News

Next week we will be in Pennsylvania to visit our daughter who is at school in Erie on Lake Erie This will be one of our most unique trips as face masks are needed for almost the entire trip . Traveling is just not what it used to be. Do you remember when people smoked cigarettes in the middle of the flight? A little light came on to tell the passengers it was time to put out their cigarettes, we were going to land. Smokers who flew on the plane at the time were very upset when new rules banned smoking on board. I have a feeling these same people would be really unhappy with the requirement to wear a mask for the entire flight We received an email reminding us that anyone over 2 years old must also wear a mask at airports except when we were We were also told that we would receive an “ all-in-one ” snack bag that included a wrapped disinfectant wipe, an 8.5 ounce water bottle and two snacks, as well as a sealed drink on flights over 2 hours and 20 minutes. “On flights shorter than that, we’ll have a sealed drink and that’s it. No more friendly flight attendant taking our drink order. Erie is quite close to Niagara Falls. We were wondering if we could see it or not, as people like to go to the Canadian side for a better view, and the border between the US and Canada is closed at least until the end of August. which is the boat that takes you near the falls, was closed in June, it is now open on the US side and available for people in good health, wearing masks and willing to stand at least 6 feet from other people on a small boat .Fort Niagara opened in July and is available for healthy masked visitors, which is the same for all the restaurants we stop at. There won’t be any buffets though, and it looks like food “that requires minimal preparation” will be the rule. Fortunately, Pennsylvania is not on the list of states that require a 14-day quarantine when we arrive home. We were also assured that the plane is cleaned within an inch of its life and that airports will be cleaner than our homes. Still, we have small containers of disinfectant to use liberally when we feel too far away from a sink and soap, and we’ll avoid other people like the plague. our face, and white where the mask was. It’s a strange time to travel. .

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From Dior To Mario Testino – Shop For This Mode Book From TASCHEN | Instant News

BAG is a publishing house that offers very stylish books on various lifestyle topics, from fashion and art to photography and architecture.

Nolan Browne is the Director of Claridge’s TASCHEN Gallery (yes you can guess, the German publisher also has space inside the famous 5-star London hotel) and he chooses his favorite fashion books to decorate your coffee table.

DIOR by Lindbergh: This incredible double volume features one of the greatest fashion photos ever photographed – vintage Dior dresses flying from Paris, photographed in Lindbergh’s cinematic and iconic style against Times Square – the absolute photographic work and legendary photographer the book has ordered.

Adidas Archives – Collection of footwear: Smears, blemishes, tears, history, and all 350 of these models have very high detail in extraordinary appreciation of this extraordinary brand.

With sneakers that achieve outstanding results at auctions, this book captures adidas DNA perfectly and must be on the coffee table of each sneakers maker.

For Alas & Marcus Piggott: An absolute masterclass in structuring, composition, and post-production, this extraordinary photography duo shows why they are the best in the business – high glamorous whirlwinds, seductive sexy poses and showcasing the super A-list world – this 300-page book is an entry to their mega watt high octane world.

Naomi Campbell – the latest edition: Get up close and familiar with this cultural icon in this beautifully produced double volume.

With exclusive texts from Naomi herself, this fashion book is packed with the most unforgettable photos and magazine covers all taken by the world’s best photographers in tribute to one original supermodel mode.

Mario Testino. Hello. Award for Italy: Omaggio all’Italia says it all – Testino dives deep into his archives and by hand takes photos of his most intimate favorites on this very personal journey through a country that greatly highlights his life and career. Transcending the world of fashion, Testino captures the heartbeat of Italian culture with his extraordinary style.

Helmut Newton. SUMO dear: On the occasion of Helmut’s 100th birthday and the 40th anniversary of TASCHEN’s 400th masterpiece, reformatted with the latest technology and sitting proudly in Philippe Starck’s seat is an absolute must for any photography collection. In the Baby SUMO format, this extraordinary photo exhibition is no less glamorous than the original.

The Ultimate Sneaker Book: Featuring Michael Jordan’s first pair of Nikes on the cover, this book is an epic celebration of shoes with content produced exclusively for Taschens.

From Yeezy to Reebok Pumps, Run DMC to Air Max, this monster anthology is a journey through the past and present that will make you run to get the latest pair.

Historical Mode from the 18th to 20th centuries: Three centuries of trends from the Kyoto Cultural Institute are displayed in this shiny book, featuring very fine clothing with extraordinary details.

From the outside to lingerie, shoes and accessories, industry experts guide you through the stunning KCI collection, giving readers, fashionistas or students a detailed fashion history.

Peter Lindbergh. On Fashion Photography – 40th Anniversary Edition: TASCHEN’s first and best-selling sales collaboration with Lindbergh and re-released at the age of 40th birthday edition, this seminal summary featuring 300 photos of the most famous fashion.

They were shot in Lindbergh’s humanist style and featured adapted interviews, About Fashion Photography smaller in format but still full of style and glamor.

Issey Miyake – Collector’s Edition: This innovative Collector’s Edition offers a definitive history of Issey Miyake’s design.

This monograph tracks Miyake’s material and techniques innovation since the early days of his career, including Body Series the 1980s and like practical everyday designs Help! help piece. This book is presented in an original book bag, designed by Miyake Reality Lab, in a folded form and tinfoil technique from the project 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE.

TASCHEN Claridge’s, 49 Brook Street, Mayfair, W1K 4HW


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Pastry Home brings a bit of Brazil to Sedalia News | Instant News

The love of cuisine has driven Alini Silva, who was previously from Brazil, to make special desserts from her country for special occasions.

Silva opened The Pastry Home last week and offers three typical Brazilian snacks – a truffle cone with black-and-white chocolate filling, a bite of sweet caramelized coconut, and a honey cake with a caramel center and coated in milk chocolate.

“I love cooking and all my family likes to cook,” Silva said. “And here in Sedalia they don’t have Brazilian food.”

Silva and her friend with the same first name, Alini Quick, both from Brazil, came to Sedalia with Maxion Wheels. Quick said he came to Sedalia five years ago.

“Her husband (Wesley Silva) and me, we work at Maxion, and we work together,” he explained. “We met here through her husband.”

The two women said there were about seven Brazilian families in the Sedalia area but no Brazilian food. So far, Silva said he only offers bread food for special occasions such as weddings, showers, birthdays and other special occasions. Sedalia shipping is free, although there are fees for shipping outside the city. Silva said he would make deliveries within an hour’s radius from Sedalia. He will also send a fee.

Silva has only opened a week but orders have flowed, not only from Brazilian families but also American, Mexican and Venezuelan families.

Soon, Silva said he would offer bolo de pote, or cakes in pots.

“It’s like a cake in a container,” Quick explained. “It’s (inside) like a jar container and you put the cake in.”

Small cakes are layered and baked, added Silva, and they come in a variety of flavors.

Silva said she wanted people to know that each dessert was homemade and made with love. He added he also wanted to bring “a little Brazil” to Sedalia.

“Everything is homemade, every step,” Silva said. “Look at the bags.”

Silva lifted the bag containing the gift. Attached is a handwritten note that says, “The secret ingredient is love.”

For more information, visit The Pastry Home Sedalia on Facebook or on Instagram @The_Pastry_Home_Sedalia or call 660-287-8560.


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Shopping guide: packaging cubes will change the way you travel | Home & Garden | Instant News

Packing for a long trip or a family visit can be stressful. If you’re still wondering if you’ve forgotten an important outfit, are tired of showing up in crumpled clothes, or if you need a better way to organize items for multiple family members in one suitcase , these packing cubes from Veken are about to change the way you organize them EasyThis set of six nylon packing cubes is available in four sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large, so you can easily sort large items such as coats and sweaters and small items such as socks and underwear. A laundry bag to separate dirty clothes and a shoe bag to keep mud from your clothes are also included in the kit. Durable and waterproof These packing cubes are perfect for camping trips or hiking in a new city without worrying about the rain. The durable EVA material is sturdy and recyclable, and the thick resilient fabric is also waterproof so you can store electronics in your bag without worrying about damage.Why Customers Love ItAmazon Customers Have Given These packaging cubes have an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars with more than 2000 rankings. They loved the fact that the material was light and thin but also strong and did not add extra weight to their luggage. Customers were able to store several weeks of clothing in these cubes and even had room to spare.Veken 6 Set Packing Cubes with Laundry and Shoe Bag available on Amazon.

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