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Statistics: Around the World, People Want to Travel but Show Attention | Instant News

A little good news: More than three-quarters of people (77 percent) from all over the world have not considered stopping traveling between June and December 2020 as long as their destinations are not quarantined, according to a recent survey by LuggageHero.

When asked about the June to December travel period, more than half (58 percent) of Americans have traveled with their calendars, and 40 percent plan to travel with at least one other person (not including business trips). In the United Kingdom, the same number (58 percent) planned to travel; in the EU, the number is 54 percent.

Of those who said they would still travel from June to December, 42 percent said they would not change their original destination; However, only under a third (32 percent) responded that they would now try to avoid big cities and public transportation instead of focusing on parks and the outdoors. Half of the respondents in the US still plan to travel abroad, while 40 percent said they would consider replacing international travel with domestic travel in 2020. The remaining 10 percent would not travel at all in 2020.


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Participants were evenly divided when they had to follow the 2020 travel budget as set before the coronavirus pandemic: 35 percent of participants said that they held fast to their budget; 31 percent will reduce their vacation costs by up to 40 percent; and 34 percent said they would cut their budget by more than 40 percent. Note that in the previous survey, conducted three weeks earlier, 47 percent said they would stay within their budget.

Source: luggagehero.com

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