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Uncharted waters: fish and wildlife conservation Commission is seeking a ban on the use of drones to fish | news | Instant News

In response to new fishing technology, Montana fish and wildlife commissioners want to prohibit the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and remote-controlled boats to target fish and to bait.

Phil Kilbreath performance Department, pan said his division began to receive questions about the legality of using drones and remote controlled boats to fish in Montana.

State regulation to impose fines for the use of drones for tracking animals during the hunt, but do not determine whether the rules apply to fishing.

At the Commission meeting fish and wildlife are held through Thursday zoom, Kilbreath is a video of the sky rigger, new unmanned accessory, developed by an Australian company ulcer the sea.

The sky rigger is investing in a drone that holds the fishing line that allows operators to “safely fly the bait or lure, and silence the target fish from the top”, according to the website the ulcer sea. When a fish strikes, the attachment automatically releases the line and the angler can pull the fish out of the water.

Videos of people fishing with the help of this attachment and such attachment has circulated around the Internet.

Department of law enforcement in the fwp has received reports of anglers using remote-controlled boats for the transportation of lures and Bait in the zone of closure of Libby dam. In other States, mini boats are typically used to access fishing areas, said Kilbreath.

A remote controlled boat is now specially designed to help anglers spot fish and transport of bait or lure in the right places. Operators can attach them to the boats, which often are rigged to shoot fish under water. Some boats can even catch fish without the angler to control the rod or line.

Said Kilbreath Montana law bars individuals with a gun, trap or other devices to entrap, to catch, or to fish. If drones and remote-controlled boats are considered “other devices”, – pans-appear has the legal authority to regulate them, he said.

With drones and remote-controlled boats allow people to move their fishing gear in places where they otherwise could not achieve, many might claim that they are “other devices” and should be regulated, according to Kilbreath.

However, others might argue, drones and remote controlled boats as the downriggers and planer boards, which are legitimate, in that all allow anglers to fish areas that they otherwise could not fish, said Kilbreath. The downriggers and planer boards is used to control the depth of the lure or bait, depending on the preference of the angler, allowing anglers to fish at great depths.

Kilbreath said he thinks it would be difficult to argue that such devices are illegal for fishing, and the operators, ultimately, to control them and decide.

Commissioners at the meeting generally supported the ban on UAVs and remotely-controlled boats used for fish.

“We can compare this with a downrigger or Board a plane, but is, in fact, the technology of ancient people using… for hundreds of years,” said Shane Colton, fish and the Chairman of the Commission of wildlife. “It’s very detached to catch fish.”

“If we do not have enough regulations or rules of the Commission, I think we should take,” said Richard Stuker, Commissioner.

Tim Aldrich, another Commissioner, said he supports the addition of new rules, and he doesn’t want to allow it to become “run of the mill technology for so-called fishing”.

The law prohibits drones from flying near wildfires in national parks. They also can’t work in state parks without a permit.

Commissioners asked Pany to proceed with the development of proposals for new legislation that prohibits the use of drones or remote controlled boats for fish.

To see what else is going on in the County of Gallatin subscribe to the online paper.


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Escape the Quarantine Reality with this Virtual Transportative Reality Game | Instant News

The corona virus pandemic has turned the world around. Life as we know it has been delayed because countries struggle to keep the virus from spreading. This is a time of uncertainty and anxiety.

With news dominated by the development of COVID-19, it is difficult to move away from our new reality. This is made worse by the fact that our entertainment and relaxation options have also been drastically reduced: the cinema, restaurant and bar are closed, sports events and equipment are canceled, and the gym and spa are locked for a foreseeable future.

If you need a break from it all, virtual reality (VR) has a unique property that can help— “presence”. The feeling of being physically present in the virtual world is a very powerful sensation. When you use a VR headset, you are removed from the real world and transported to another world. In the absence of interference from social media or TV broadcasts, it can truly provide the means to escape the limits of our current reality.

If you are lucky enough to have a virtual reality (VR) headset at home, here are the best choices of games that are transportative and, most importantly, fun!


In Moss, You meet Quill, a cute young mouse – “chosen” – who finds himself on an adventure to save the world with you as his best friend. Together, you travel to forgotten realms, solve puzzles, and meet enemies that must be defeated. This is a sitting experience that takes you on a captivating adventure, and it will definitely make you smile.

$ 29.99 – Oculus Rift / Rift S / Quest / WMR / HTC Vive / Index Index

The first step

If you have Oculus Quest and you haven’t tried it The first step however, don’t think of it as a basic tutorial – this is an amazing experience for beginners and VR experts. Start by learning the basics of VR, which anyone using this technology uses, then use virtual weapons to shoot at targets, fly virtual air balloons and dance with adorable robots. This experience is very beautiful.

Free – Oculus Quest


In Bonfire, You play as Space Scout 817, which is on a mission to find a new home for humanity after it has messed up the Earth. You landed on an unknown planet 300 light years from Earth. With an emergency bonfire as your only source of light and a close friend of the robot (voiced by comedian and actress Ali Wong), you come in contact with foreigners and decide how you want to interact with them. This is a funny experience that will help bring a little joy and laughter to your day.

$ 4.99 – Oculus Rift / Rift S / Quest / HTC Vive

Job Simulator

Job Simulator is far from the rigors of your daily work. In a world where robots have replaced all human work, go into the “Job Simulator” to go back in time to see what it’s like to “work”. Throw staplers at your boss, learn juggles, fire employees, rip car engines, and more – you’re free to cause chaos!

$ 19.99 – Oculus Rift / Rift S / Quest / WMR / HTC Vive / Index Index


If you are looking for something to calm your mind, Bait! is the ideal game for you. You find yourself on Bait! Island, help your boss catch rare fish to save the aquarium that is having trouble where you work. Befriend the locals, catch different fish, and enjoy the beautiful views of four different lakes. Perfect for relaxing at the end of a long day.

Free – Oculus Quest

Ghost Giant

As Ghost GiantYou are the protector of a lonely little boy named Louis, who needs a helping hand to navigate the obstacles in his life. You discover Louis’s world, meet people, and experience the same touching and heartbreaking narratives. You also break the wall between the protagonist and the player in this game, interacting with the world below you to help solve the problem. This is a heartfelt adventure about friendship and courage, written by internationally recognized authors Sara B. Elfgren. This game will take you on a strong emotional journey and can quickly become your favorite VR game.

$ 22.99 – Oculus Quest

Crow the Legend

In this case star-studded interactive animation experience, follow the adventures of Crow and his forest friends as they struggle to save their home from the dangers of winter. Featuring voice actors from John Legend, Oprah Winfrey, Constance Wu (Crazy Rich Asian), Tye Sheridan (Player Ready One), Diego Luna (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), and Liza Koshy, this experience has a strong storyline and fantastic animation. You will dance along with the characters at the end of the story!

Free – Oculus Rift / Rift S

Coco VR

Coco VR is a short companion film for the award-winning Pixar film Coconut and represent Pixar’s debut into virtual reality. Choose a single or multiplayer experience and follow the magic alebrije to the world of Coco, full of lovable characters and stunning visuals from the film. At Coco VR, you will meet the main characters Miguel, Ceci, and Hector, ride a gondola, and become the main star of the Dia de los Muertos celebration! If you like this film, you will be fascinated by this immersive experience.

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