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PM agrees to whatever the Army says, and the army stands behind Imran: Mr Sheikh Rasheed, South Asia News | Instant News

Amid reports of differences between Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and the military, the Pakistani minister said Sheikh Rasheed said that “if anyone thinks that the Army does not support Imran Khan, then they can try and form a government, they can try whatever they can but when it will end, it will always be Imran Khan. “

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Rasheed when referring to the alleged difference as “misunderstanding”, said: “I have never seen a very good coalition between government and army. This great combination is, a face is needed on TV, you have a face, you also have a face, you also have need of a man who does something, you get Bajwa in that room. “

“In fact I have never thought of an extraordinary idea when I used it to think. But there are some people who have thought of this idea and came out with this extraordinary formula,” the minister added.

There have been repeated reports of differences between Pakistani troops led by General Bajwa and Prime Minister Imran Khan on several issues including the handling of the economy, recent locking measures, and the influence of state military officials who are very strong in state affairs.

Rasheed when speaking to reporters, firmly stated: “I want to dispel everyone’s misunderstanding that there is a difference between PM Imran and the Pakistani military. The prime minister agrees whatever the army and army say stand behind Imran Khan. I can’t be as clear as this.”

PTI Imran Khan who came to power promising “Naya Pakistan” has faced public anger over high inflation and has repeatedly failed to overcome the economic situation in the country which has led Pakistan’s prime minister to ask for loans around the world amid speculation that the Army has played a strong role behind the scene.


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