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Photo by Sam Thiel
Volunteers at Christ’s Lutheran Church help prepare food for families on Thursday. The church serves 135 meals for 49 families at a drive-up event.


MARSHALL – Usually around this time of year, people will spend time outdoors and eat good home-cooked food because they enjoy beautiful weather. The COVID-19 pandemic has now stopped the rhythm of the plans, causing some families to reconsider their food choices.

That did not stop the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Christ to help members and their fellow neighbors. On Thursday night, volunteers helped send 135 meals to 49 families, with food consisting of hamburgers or hot dogs, pasta salads, chips, pickles, and desserts.

Father Schreiner said he was not surprised by the level of support they saw in the hour-long drive-up.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all. They are always willing to help, “ Schreiner said. “When we can’t really do what we normally do, which is to eat in the basement for fellowship purposes, we think, ‘Let’s do the push’ and it didn’t take long and people stepped in and helped outside. “

The impact of COVID-19 is very significant for everyone throughout the world. As states are trying to return to normality, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz recently announced that salons, bars and restaurants can reopen on June 1, with the food industry being allowed to offer outdoor dining. However, churches and other places of worship remain closed at this time. Several Lutheran and Catholic churches in Minnesota announced on Thursday that they oppose the order to stay at home now that limits services to only 10 people.

Schreiner said that while many people want to be able to return to conventions, they are fortunate enough to continue to provide online services for those who need them.

“I think there are obviously many people who want to return to worship, fellowship and accepting the sacrament. We are very blessed to be able to have online services with YouTube, we have members who make us all governed by God’s grace, about three weeks before this hit, “ Schreiner said. “We air on YouTube like that and they are archived, so you can go to our website and check it out, so there might be some good things coming out here too. I know that there are many people who check websites and worship and have told their friends to check our services, so maybe even in very bad situations, maybe some good will come where more people can hear the gospel. “

As for the upcoming event, Schreiner said they don’t have anything currently in the work but are always willing to help when they are called.

“We usually worship in parks where we have a minimum and things during the summer,” Schreiner said. “Nothing is officially scheduled, but again, we are quite innovative and people are jumping on assignments and ready to go. If we have the chance, we will try to help. “

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