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Coronavirus pandemic: Neighbors in Italy use long sticks to hold glass, toast from their balconies while quarantined | Instant News

BELLA, Italy – Social distance doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate happy hour, according to neighbors in Italy. Residents in the city of Bella come up with creative ways to enjoy drinks together while in quarantine.

New video shows more than half a dozen people use long sticks to hold glasses and toast from their balconies on April 13.

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The neighbor can be heard saying, “Saluti!”

Mauro Ricigliano shared a video on Facebook about his neighbor who had a great time.

“Given the emergency situation, we think we will feel closer to baking from a distance,” Ricigliano told Storyful.

On Wednesday, the video was viewed more than 7.8 million times on Facebook with comments ranging from “quarantine destinations” to “this is extreme!”

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