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David Beckham’s Missing Hair Case Raises Questions about the Best Hair Loss Treatment | Instant News

Everyone gets old, and the clear sign for men is progressive hair loss that many try to solve using products or by hair transplants – an increasingly popular method, especially in football. One of those who might use this method is a soccer player, David Beckham.

During his career, this athlete was known for his penchant for wearing all types of hair styles, from braids to long manes, dyes, bread, and symbols. But two years after the hair transplant to save his golden key, David Beckham’s hair appeared thin in his photo during a trip in the Cotswolds.

Because male pattern baldness is common in more than 50% of all men over the age of 50, various techniques have also been developed by experts. Recently, Japanese scientists have discovered a new technology that solves hair loss problems among men.

Based on MailOnline, a 45-year-old man who was locked up in his home country ventured out without his trademark hat, and with thinning keys that was hard to miss. He has rarely been seen in recent weeks without one of his hats covering his hair, and only posting a snap baseball cap and bandana to disguise his key.

But in October 2019, David wore hair that looked more stylish for his advertisement at the Haig Club. While during the June Women’s World Cup and the 2019 Wimbledon tournament in July, Beckham also looked confident with his well-tended long keys.

Back in 2018, he was rumored to have undergone a hair transplant procedure, but Beckham himself once said that he would not be tempted to undergo an expensive process, even though he did not see anything wrong about the procedure.

Craig Henton, a hair recovery expert, and owner of the MHR Cheshire Clinic, said that he was not convinced that the soccer star had had a hair transplant because photographs from last year showed a rapid reversal of hair growth, which is not typical for someone who has had a hair transplant.

Instead, he thinks that David has stopped the medical hair program – which involves drugs and laser treatments – which is causing his hair to thin out now, but that it must come back after resuming therapy.

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Whether Beckham has hair treatment or not, male pattern baldness is still a problem in many men. Various solutions have been developed to overcome this problem, and now, Japan’s new technology seems to have a promising solution to that problem.

Based on Express, scientists from Tokyo Medical University Hospital in Japan have pioneered a new method of reversing baldness by transplanting patients’ own hair cells directly into the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Ryoji Tsuboi, lead scientist, and his team tested a new method in 5 men and 15 women between the ages of 33 and 64 and found an average hair density of 8% more in the scalp area that received transplants.

Typical hair transplant take someone’s hair and move it to an area that has no hair. However, a new procedure developed by Japan involves taking a small sample of skin casing cup cells from the hair follicles behind the subject’s head. These cells are treated and grow in greater numbers in the laboratory before being injected into the top of the scalp.

They observe the test subjects every few months and find that between the sixth and ninth months, hair appears more active. However, it slowed again after nine months. They also note that treatment seems to be more effective with older subjects.

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