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Only a temporary measure: ICC cricket committee chairman Anil Kumble about a ban on saliva – cricket | Instant News

The head of the ICC cricket committee, Anil Kumble, said the recommendation to ban saliva from shining on the ball was only a temporary measure and “things would return to normal” once the COVID-19 pandemic was controlled.

Kumble’s panel recommends a ban on saliva to minimize the risk of infection. On Friday, the ICC, in its guidelines for restarting the game, also suggested a bar on training. “… this is only a temporary step and hopefully we have full control over COVID within a few months or a year. Later I thought everything would go back to normal,” Kumble told the Star Sports ‘Cricket Connected’ program.

The ban on saliva has elicited mixed responses from the bowler, who said it would definitely block the swing. But most also recognize the health risks that may arise. There was also discussion about whether the ICC would allow the use of external substances such as candles to illuminate the ball. Kumble said there was a discussion about the use of external substances.

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“… if you look back at the history of the game, I mean we are very critical and we are very focused on eliminating external substances that enter the game,” Kumble said of the speculation.

“Are you really legalizing, if you want to do it now that clearly has had a big impact over the last few years,” he added.

He cited the 2018 soccer wrecking scandal, which led to a ban on Australian cricket Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft. “The ICC took the decision but then Australian cricket took, even tougher stances about what happened during the series between South Africa. and Australia, so we consider it, “he said.


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