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Terrorist Attacks on the Karachi Stock Exchange Mark the BLA Movement to Intensify the Domain | Instant News

A plainclothes police surveyed the location of the attack at the entrance of the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi. (Reuters)

The report also requires that the attack not only helps in intensifying the BLA’s self profile but also explores the objectivity of the group.

Shalinder Wangu | Partah borah
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The June 29 terrorist attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange not only testified that the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) had strengthened terrorism attacks but also increased its domain.

According to a report published by the National Anti-Organized Crime Initiative based in Pakistan, the BLA attack was not only limited to Balochistan but also opened its paws to other parts of the country. Worth mentioning here is that the attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange was carried out by the Majeed brigade of the BLA which killed 3 security guards and one police officer in addition to 4 terrorists.

The report also requires that the attack not only helps in intensifying the BLA’s self profile but also explores the objectivity of the group. The report further claimed that the BLA had formed the Majeed group to target Pakistan’s China Economic Corridor and other projects that were ongoing in Pakistan in collaboration with China.

Meanwhile, in 2018 the BLA has also attacked the Chinese consulate based in Karachi where 3 attackers will be killed. In the attack one of the attackers was found wearing a suicide vest.

The BLA tends to intensify attacks during a pandemic

To bring about instability and insecurity in Pakistan, the BLA is likely to intensify its terrorist activities by taking advantage of the pandemic situation arising from Covid-19, a report entitled – Terrorism in Pakistan During Covid-19 further stated. During the pandemic, from March to 20 June, Baloch attackers carried out 7 attacks which killed 17 and injured 9 people. Three organizations namely the Baloch Liberation Army, the United Baloch Army and Laskar-e-Balochistan were behind this attack.

In addition, from March to 30 June, rebels based in Balochistan have carried out 10 attacks and in 6 of them they have targeted Pakistani security personnel. 18 people were killed and 14 others injured in the attack. During the pandemic, 74 incidents of terrorist activities occurred throughout Pakistan which killed 134 people in addition to injuring 101.

The report silently silenced organizations pursuing terrorist activities in India.

The report mentions and cites activities by Tahreek-e-Taliban, BLA, Laskar-e-Balochistan, Sindhu Desh Liberation Army etc., but the same does not apply to organizations including Laskar-e-Tayeba, Hizbul Mujahedin, Al Badar etc. which in full not directly supported by Pakistan to carry out terrorist activities in India.


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