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Crows pay stadium workers even without fans | Instant News

That Baltimore Ravens intends to compensate stadium workers if the NFL game is played in front of a small number of fans – or none at all – because of the social distance requirements during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ravens President Dick Cass said the team was working on a program to provide around 3,300 people employed on normal game days.

“If we don’t have such staff because we have a reduced number of spectators in the stadium, we plan to create employee assistance funds,” Cass said, noting that “we have not stopped or stopped or insulted anyone and we do not intend.”

Instead of watching from the side at the minicamp practice site, Cass was at his house Thursday morning, speaking at a teleconference arranged by The United Way. He noted that on a normal year on this date, there would be 90 players who had breakfast at the team headquarters.

Cass said the team still planned to open the training camp and start the season on time, but “might have to make adjustments.”


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Video: Ravens’ Justin Tucker Covering the song ‘I Saw a Tiger’ Tiger King | Bleacher Report | Instant News

Nick Wass / Associated Press

When Netflix documentation fans continue to register potential actors for the inevitable film from this story, don’t count them Baltimore RavensJustin Tucker for the role of Joe Exotic.

In addition to his daily work as an All-Pro kicker four times, Tucker is a classically trained opera singer who has performed with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and the New York Opera.

The shows have nothing about the newest music numbers, because Joe Exotic’s “I Saw a Tiger” Tucker cover is as moving as aria:

The acoustic version by Tucker might be better than the original.

However, it’s clear the Ravens will need to play this after every field goal is made this season, especially when Cincinnati Bengals come to the city.


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Security Ravens Earl Thomas victims of theft, intent to attack | Instant News

Ravens security Earl Thomas are victims of robbery and intent to carry out an aggravated attack during the April 13 incident, according to an Austin, Texas police report obtained by NFL Media.

According to police reports, three women, including Earl’s wife, Nina, were arrested for alleged robbery of residence after Austin police responded to the call at 3:40 a.m. on April 13. Nina, who was listed in the police report as Nina Teresa Baham-Heisser, was also charged with burglary of a residence with the intent to carry out an attack which was aggravated by deadly weapons.

Thomas and his brother, Seth, were identified as victims.

“We became aware of the situation when we read and saw it in the report last night and early this morning,” he said Ravens said Thursday morning, per team spokesman.

Before TMZ initially reported the incident Wednesday night, Thomas said in an Instagram video that the outlet would report “a fight that occurred with me and Nina.”

“So I just want to advance first. I mean, it’s really not anyone’s business,” Thomas said. “It pisses me off because it’s out but the world we live in today. Instead of talking about it, we still pray in your prayers. Things like this happen, friend. We try to live the best life we ​​can do but sometimes it’s not proceed as planned. Pray for us as we discuss these matters. We return to talk. I see my children, so continue us in your prayers. ”

Thomas All-Pro and Texas, who first became the first team and three times, joined Ravens in 2019 after nine seasons with Seahawks. Thomas, who was 31 days old on Thursday, started 15 games last year, recording two selections, two sacks, one mistake and four passes. He signed a four-year contract with the organization last March.


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President Donald Trump, NFL MVP Lamar Jackson trade tweet | Instant News

When the Baltimore Ravens quarterback and reign NFL MVP Lamar Jackson tweet quotes a video about the reaction of his teammate on campus, Jaire Alexander, to Jackson being elected to conscription, he might not expect to tweet to get traction at the White House.

However, that is what happened when President Donald Trump took the time to give his admiration at the time.


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Brother Joe Flacco Tom Can Be Chosen Late in the 2020 NFL Draft, Ravens GM Said | Bleacher Report | Instant News

John Raoux / Associated Press

Joe Flacco will not be the only close family member looking for The NFL longer house. Soon he might compete with his younger brother, Tom, to get a list place.

The former Towson midfielder is a prospective customer in the NFL draft this year, and although he might not hear his name being called in late April, he assured at least one general manager who was worth taking risks.

“In the final round, will it surprise me if he gets picked up? Not at all,” Baltimore Ravens said general manager Eric DeCosta Clifton Brown from the team website. “I think he is smart, it will not be too big for him. He is already in the league because of his brother. He benefits that not many people have because he at least has a glimmer of what it’s like to be in the NFL. I think he will prepare well. I think he has a chance. “

Besides seeing Tom grow up when his brother rules the Ravens, DeCosta had the added benefit of watching his college career take place only a few miles from Baltimore.

In every last two years, Towson, Flacco pass at least 2,800 yards and 22 goals. His QB rating as a senior is 144.2, and after throwing 11 picks in 2018, he reduced the total to six in his final season.

Because Tom was not invited to the NFL Combine Scouting, or was able to host the pro due day coronavirus pandemic, Joe uses his platform on social media to share his brother’s highlights. But GM Ravens didn’t need to be very convincing about what the tape showed.

“Obviously, we know a lot about Tom,” DeCosta the word. “We admire his fortitude. He is growing rapidly this year. From a size point of view, maybe a little below the line. But he has very good arms. He is an accurate passer. He can do many throws.”

Tom Flacco standing at 6’1 “and almost half a foot shorter than his brother. What may be less important now in the NFL is more comfortable with smaller and more mobile quarterbacks than when Joe was selected in the first round of Delaware in 2008.

Should both Flaccos find themselves on the NFL roster next season, they will be the 12th sibling pair for team quarterbacks at the same time in league history.

While Tom has more evidence than the former Super Bowl MVP, he has already won praise from one NFL general manager. In the copycat league, that can be done to convince 31 others about their talents.


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