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As suspected Indian spies are facing trial in Germany, the Khalistan link is suspected | Instant News

Indian anti-terrorism agencies smell Khalistan’s conspiracy in the alleged case of India’s ‘Balvir’ – accused of spying on Indian intelligence agencies and facing trial in Germany.

Federal prosecutors told a regional court in Germany that the alleged Indian citizen, identified as 54-year-old Balvir, was spying on the Sikh and Kashmir communities for India’s external intelligence agency, R&AW.

It is suspected that the suspect has been working as a spy since 2015 and that he has provided information about the figures in the opposition Sikh scene, the Kashmir movement and their relatives in Germany to his handlers, apparently working at the Indian consulate general in Frankfurt. The trial will begin on 25 August.

While the Indian government has not officially reacted to this issue, government sources say any decision regarding offering consular access to Balvir Singh can only be taken if it is determined that the accused person is an Indian passport holder and if he requests consular access. So far, there is no official word in this matter.

Meanwhile anti-terrorism officials pointed out that the top leaders of Khalistan clothing that were banned were foreign passport holders or had sought political asylum in Germany that allowed them to operate freely there.

There is an increasing trend in which anonymous complaints and petitions are filed as part of a campaign motivated by the Khalistan group against those who take them, the official said.

Khalistan is a strong force in countries such as Germany, Canada, Britain and the United States, an anti-terror official said.

Indian security agents suspected that elements in Germany related to security agents provided support to the Khalistani leaders. They see this as the reason why no legal action was taken against Khalistani’s operations in the country.

One of the top operations that is free to roam in Germany is Gurmeet Singh Bagga from Khalistan Zindabad Force. Gurmeet Singh, also known as Bagga and ‘Doctor’, has allegedly played a role in reorganizing terrorist groups to revive terrorism in Punjab – where he is believed to have built sleeping cells, which were recently damaged by the Punjab police.

Bagga is very active in sending weapons, fake Indian currency and medicines to Punjab through his colleagues in Pakistan. Pakistan’s angle to the conspiracy has been examined by the National Investigation Agency which has issued a red corner notification against Bagga and other Khalistani terrorists operating in various countries.

This issue was highlighted recently in February during an NIA investigation into dropping weapons and ammunition, explosives and fake currency in Punjab from across the border using drones.

During the investigation, the role of Hamburg-based Bagga and one Ranjeet Singh Neeta from KZF and Harmeet Singh from the Khalistan Liberation Force were revealed. Harmeet Singh was killed in Pakistan recently by a local gang due to a financial dispute.

Both terror groups were banned by New Delhi, but Khalistani leaders continued to have freedom in Germany.

Even though Balvir’s identity remains a mystery, the anti-terror agency is not only chasing Bagga but also other Khalistani leaders who have close relations in Germany, such as Gajinder Singh, Dal Khalsa, Wadhwa Singh, Babbar Khalsa, whose family lives in Germany. . Many of their colleagues, as well as other Khalistani leaders, have close relations in Pakistan, the source said.


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