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The US claims the role of “assist” in the Indian and British crackdown on Chinese companies – world news | Instant News

While India decided independently to ban more than 50 recent Chinese applications as part of its campaign to punish Beijing for Galwan clashes, the United States on Wednesday indicated it was playing a possible role with its ongoing efforts to “help” New Delhi with information that needed. to make the right choice.

No details to come. But the United States has considered a ban on some of these same applications such as TikTok, video sharing applications, as President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have said when they stepped up their attacks on China over the growing list of disagreements.

“We have worked closely with Indians across a broad spectrum – various international partnerships with them to help them ensure that they have all the information they need to make good decisions,” State Secretary Michael R Pompeo said in an interaction organized by Economic Club of New York, a non-profit organization.

Pompeo responded to the question if America was alone in facing China for the “theft” of its trade, using its own words, “lies” in the South China Sea, and its efforts to increase its massive influence at WHO to avoid responsibility for the Covid-19 Pandemic that began in Wuhan. Last December.

“They made a decision that they would withdraw 50 or more Chinese applications from systems operating in India,” the foreign minister said of India’s decision about Chinese applications, and added, “They didn’t do that because the United States told them to. They did it because they can see a threat to Indians from the Chinese Communist Party. “

Pompeo, who spearheaded the growing hawkishness of the Trump administration in China, went on to show that the United States might have played a similar enabling role in Britain’s ban on Huawei from the 5G network on Tuesday, reversing long-standing positions that have caused frustration within the United States that has declared a giant telecommunications related to Beijing as a national security risk.

Britain changed its policy regarding its 5G technology, Pompeo said “not because America defeated them” but because “he did a thorough analysis based on a series of information, some of which we certainly helped as part of the Five Eyes coalition to gather and disseminate”.

“Five Eyes” is an intelligence sharing alliance of the US, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The defense ministers of member states last month called for “a stable global order, based on the rules,” using phrases used by foreign ministries around the world as a call to oppose China.

A response has been awaited from the State Department for a request for further details on “assistance” from the United States, as Secretary Pompeo indicated.


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