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Pakistan lifts ban on PUBG | Instant News

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Pakistan lifts ban on PUBG

The Pakistan telecommunication authorities (PTA) announced the lifting of the ban on online games PlayerUnknowns fight (PUBG). In a statement Thursday, the administration said it met with the legal representatives of the game, Dawn news. “(C) the representatives informed the authorities in response to questions raised at the PTA controls to prevent misuse of the gaming platform.

“The conference expressed its satisfaction with the measures taken so far, and underscored the continued commitment and a comprehensive mechanism of control,” he added.

Reacting to the news, Minister of Pakistan on science and technology Fawad Chaudhry said that the decision was “a healthy approach”, adding that Pakistan needs to work closely with tech companies to resolve the issues.

The PTA was banned online games on June 1, citing some complaints that it’s “addictive”, a waste of time and its potential negative impact on children physical and psychological health, Dawn news.

Last week the High court Islamabad (IHC) declared the move invalid PTA and instructed authorities to immediately lift the ban.

But the parent Committee refused to reconsider its decision and stated that it considers it “necessary” to block PUBG is in the interests of public order.

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Ban PUBG in Pakistan to continue | Instant News

PUBG remain banned in Pakistan

The Pakistan telecommunication authority (PTA) said the ban on PUBG, a popular game (battle ground PlayerUnknown) will remain in the country in the interests of public order, it was reported on Tuesday. Last week the High court Islamabad (IHC) has announced to move the PTA, to temporarily suspend online game null and void and has instructed authorities to immediately lift the ban, Dawn news.

However, the PTA said PUBG would remain blocked in Pakistan.

In a statement issued on Monday, the BSA said it had issued a detailed order explaining the reasons why he was blocked in the online game in accordance with the provisions of the Pakistan electronic crimes (Peca) 2016.

“The PTA gave the opportunity for hearing to interested parties, including lawyers for PUBG. OTA was also approached management to report PUBG appropriate basis for the solution of key problems,” he added.

OTA said it was to come across various studies, papers and reports on the impact of games on the Internet, specifically PUBG, mental and physical health of the players, reports dawn news.

But violence and drug use, the government says PUBG makes people less productive.

The academic performance of students was affected as gaming sessions, usually longer, and the child who got hooked on gambling, inclined to be irritated in the smallest of things or if parents interfere in something, he added.

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