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Environment Canada calls the storm to see warnings in southern Alberta | Instant News

Calgary —
For the third weekend in a row, environment Canada established warning weather, Alberta.

The Bulletin was about 10:30 a.m. Saturday and the city of calgary included in affected regions.

“Thunderstorms are expected to develop this afternoon in South-Western Alberta. These storms will move East, in South-Eastern Alberta to weaken today,” the Advisory on the website of environment Canada, – stated in the message.

“Be ready for severe weather.”

The following regions are also included in the watch:

1 p.m. environment Canada upgraded the watch in Brooks – Strathmore – Vulcan and Okotoks – High River – Claresholm region to preventing.

Both regions are in danger due to severe thunderstorms in Cayley, Alta. area.

“Environment Canada meteorologists are watching a strong storm capable of producing strong wind gusts, Nickel to ping pong ball size hail and heavy rain,” the update reads. “This storm is located five kilometres North-West of Kaili and moves with a speed of 30 km/h to the East.”

The Agency says that it causes a storm watch when there is a risk of severe storms that can cause large hail, strong winds and heavy rains.


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Straw came out of the Canadian women’s national water polo team | Instant News

Kyra Christmas is an elite athlete, a member of Canada’s national women’s water polo team, but since the pandemic struck, she was just 23 years old who lived with her parents on a farm in southeastern Airdrie in Rockyview.

Being in the water is very important for Christmas and its training, but COVID-19 closes the pool, so Christmas and his family must be creative in order to get back to the water.

They threw up a few ideas but didn’t particularly like one of them. Christmas says that the straw finally saved them.

“We kind of searched on Pinterest and my mother found people using straw bales to build ponds,” he said. “And we like oh, that’s a cool idea.”

So, the family began to work, building a pool of straw bales. 16 feet long, eight feet wide, and six feet deep.

Ms. Kyra Dayna said it made sense to have a swimming pool like this in the meadow.

“You know Western Canada with what we have around us in the fields,” he said.

“We have the resources so we can use them. So I say, what can be more Western Canada than collecting straw bales to make a pond? “

There are a total of 16 bales and they must be tied properly and prepare for the hay pond to work.

Christmas says besides being cold, the exercise pool works really well.

“It’s like a (automatic) barrier,” he said, “it’s like someone gave me permission and then I could shoot on the internet. I also have a resistance band so I can swim like I’m in a swimming pool without limits. “

Christmas never thought he had a straw pool in his backyard. And he never thought he would get the attention he got from him, too.

People want to check it, he said. But they just have to wait.

“Some of the girls from the old team I played, Calgary Renegades, have reached out and asked if they could come by using the pool,” he said.

“I have a teammate in the national team that is in Calgary too. I might make it come out after the restriction (COVID) is a little more lenient to do with me and so on.

Canada’s national women’s water polo team is eligible for the postponed 2020 Summer Olympics, the first Canadian team to do so since 2004.

Natal said that he hoped the game would be played in 2021 and the good news was that the Canadian team would not have to re-qualify. They already have their place.


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Porch portraits are not considered to be physically aloof: Canadian Professional Photographer | Instant News

Although family photographs on their front steps taken from a distance have gained popularity on social media, a national photography association recommends that these “porchraits” be stopped.

In all Canadian cities including Calgary, photographers have taken family portraits by standing on the sidewalk or at the end of the driveway to maintain a physical distance of two meters.

In most cases, fees are charged with a partial yield that will benefit the charity.

“I just want to make sure that if I will do it, it will make an impact and it will really help something,” said Erin Fitzpratrick, a photographer based in Calgary.

While he recommends $ 50 for four to five prints with 75 percent donated to the Calgary Foodbank, he says he has donated all funds for porch portraits.

“It really only has a sense of being together.”

While Fitzpatrick said he would honor bookings for next week, after that he would stop taking photos of porch portraits.

Low risk does not mean there is no risk

Canadian Professional Photographers advise their members to suspend their style of photography during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We understand that people want to be able to help and increase the excitement, but there are inherent risks that occur when you go outside your door,” said Chris Thombs, Alberta’s national director and PPOC board member.

“Low risk does not mean there is no risk.”

PPOC is not a regulatory body, but has made a directive asking its members to ensure they help level the curve.

Thombs said while many photographers maintain a safe distance, others increase risk by introducing props or gathering elderly family members to come together for portraits.

According to the Alberta government website, social distance is not the same as social isolation.

That said, you don’t need to stay indoors, but you should avoid close contact with other people.


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