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Ban Ki-moon called out to Hasina | Instant News

The next conference of the Climate Vulnerable Forum will be held in 2021 to commemorate ‘Mujib Borsho’ (Year of Mujib).

“The Chairman of the Global Center for Adaptation and former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon made this announcement today when he phoned Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina this afternoon,” Press Secretary Ihsanul Karim said.

The press secretary said Ban Ki-moon made phone calls to the prime minister around 6:10 pm on Wednesday and talked with him for almost 12 minutes on various issues, including the CVF Conference and the Global Center on Adaptation Conference.

Karim said the Global Center on Adaptation Conference will be held in the second week of September and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will formalize the talks, while Ban Ki-moon will join virtually.

The press secretary said the former UN secretary general highly valued the leadership of prime minister Sheikh Hasina for fighting the situation of the Amphan coronavirus and super cyclone with courage.

In this connection, Ban Ki-moon believes that people in Southeast Asia must be built as resilient so they can cope with situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic and typhoon Amphan.

The former UN secretary general conveyed his heaviest congratulations to the prime minister Sheikh Hasina in his election as chairman of the CVF for the second time.

He also congratulated Saima Wazed Hossain, chairman of the National Advisory Committee for Neurological Development Disorders and Autism, because he had become a ‘Thematic Ambassador’ by CVF.

At the beginning of the talks, the prime minister and former UN secretary general exchanged greetings.

The prime minister thanked Ban Ki-moon for calling him, Karim added.

CVF is a global partnership of 48 countries that are disproportionately affected by global warming.

In December last year at the 25th Annual Conference of the Parties (COP25), known as the UN Climate Change Conference, in Paris the prime minister Sheikh Hasina accepted a proposal from Marshall Islands president Hilda Heine to take over the responsibility of the CVF chairman from this. year.


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Saima Wazed made the ‘Thematic Ambassadors’ of CVF | Instant News

New Age archive photo of Saima Wazed Hossain

Saima Wazed Hossain, chair of the National Advisory Committee for Neurological Development Disorders and Autism, has been chosen as
‘Thematic Ambassadors’ by the Climate Vulnerable Forum under the ‘Vulnerability’ thematic domain.

Aside from Saima, CVF also made Speaker and former Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed, Deputy Speaker of the Philippine Parliament Loren Legarda and Climate Change Specialist DR Congo Tosi Mpanu-Mpanu as ‘Thematic Ambassadors’ under three other thematic domains respectively – Ambition, Parliament and Parliament Renewable energy.

On behalf of the Bangladesh Presidency and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen invited them to take on that role, a foreign ministry statement said here today.

“As CVF thematic ambassadors, they will seek to create a global public campaign and mobilize various stakeholders, groups and voices to raise global awareness about climate vulnerability, especially to pursue the country so that the goals of the Paris Agreement remain 1.5 degrees Celsius,” the statement the word.

Saima Wazed, Mohamed Nasheed, Loren Legarda and Tosi Mpanu-Mpanu are highly valued in their respective regions because of their extraordinary and prolonged expertise and dedication in their field of work.

Saima, also the daughter of the prime minister Sheikh Hasina, is an expert on neurodevelopmental disorders and mental health, and an accomplished speaker and writer.

He is widely credited for bringing mental health problems to the mainstream and solving social barriers to the acceptance of persons with disabilities and was instrumental in adopting a UN resolution entitled ‘Addressing the Socio-Economic Needs of Individuals, Families and Communities Affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Disorders and Related Disabilities in 2012.

Mohamed Nasheed’s ongoing efforts to promote ambitions to reduce global carbon emissions are recognized internationally while his unique initiative in holding underwater cabinet meetings to highlight the threat of climate change and global warming received wide global attention during his presidency, the statement said.

It is said Loren Legarda is one of the most productive MPs in the world and is behind a number of Philippine parliamentary actions on climate change while Tosi Mpanu-Mpanu has several years of experience in finance, climate change, economic development, carbon markets, renewable energy, the environment and diplomacy.

Having assumed positions as President of the CVF and the Twenty Vulnerable Finance Minister Group, Bangladesh has decided to engage six ‘Thematic Ambassadors’ to help strengthen its network and engagement with key actors around the world in six core areas identified from ambition, culture, finance , parliament. renewable energy and vulnerability.

Two more Thematic Ambassadors for culture and finance will also be appointed from the Marshall Islands and Costa Rica, the statement said.

Thematic Ambassadors will also help pursue the CVF Presidential agenda and top priorities and contribute to protecting the interests of climate-vulnerable countries by reaching out to existing and new networks outside the executive branch of government.

They will advocate on behalf of CVF countries and coordinate international cooperation to combat the negative effects of climate change, the statement added.

On June 9, Bangladesh officially took over the presidency of the Vulnerable Climate Forum and the Twenty-Vulnerable Finance Minister Group for the 2020-2022 period from the Marshall Islands.

CVF is a global partnership of 48 countries that are disproportionately affected by global warming.

In December last year at the 25th Annual Conference of the Parties, known as the UN Climate Change Conference, in Paris Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina accepted Marshall Islands President Hilda Heine’s proposal to take over the responsibilities of the CVF chair starting this year.


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Bangladeshi mangoes go to Italy, England, Austria after Switzerland | Instant News


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Although the corona has spread in 16 countries, it has not yet been identified | Instant News

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Dhaka: Although the coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) has stopped worldwide, the virus has not been identified in some lucky countries.

Although coronavirus (Covid-19) has been found in at least 17 countries worldwide, the virus has not been identified in several countries.

According to Al Jazeera, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, North Korea, Palau, Samoa, Solomon Islands. Solomon Islands, Tonga, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Vanuatu Fortunately no one has been diagnosed with the corona virus.

Meanwhile, like many countries in the world, Bangladesh is also a victim of Corona terror. On Saturday (July 17) at half past noon in the regular online health bulletin related to the corona virus, Director General of the Additional Ministry of Health, Prof. Dr. Nasima Sultana said 34 more people had died in the country in the past 24 hours due to the corona virus. As many as two thousand 561 people have died because of this. The number of victims has exceeded two lakhs.

Bangladesh time is 0013, July 19, 2020

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Mr. PM urges simplicity to slow down the virus during Eid | Instant News

Pakistan must celebrate the upcoming Eid festival with “simplicity” to prevent a surge in new coronavirus cases, Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Friday.

Many people ignored social distance guidelines and flocked to mosques and markets during the last religious holiday that marked the end of Ramadan in May – helping trigger a surge in subsequent COVID-19 cases across Pakistan.

The increase prompted the World Health Organization to call for new closures throughout Pakistan.

‘Eid al-Adha must be celebrated with simplicity so as not to repeat what happened last Eid al-Fitr when standard operating procedures were ignored & our hospital was suffocated’, Khan tweeted, adding that he ordered a ‘strict implementation’ of government guidelines.

Eid al-Fitr Festival for animal sacrifice will begin at the end of the month and last for several days. The authorities expect people to go to the market to look for sheep, goats and other animals to slaughter.

Many people in Pakistan return to their family homes from the city to celebrate the festival.

According to official figures, around 260,000 people in Pakistan tested positive for coronavirus, including more than 5,470 deaths.

In recent days, Pakistan has seen new rates of infection very slowly.

While some medical experts say this is due to a decline in testing, Khan said the ‘positive trend’ is mainly the result of ‘smart’ locking where hotspots are closed. Cricketer who turned into a politician Khan has been criticized since the beginning of the virus crisis for opposing a comprehensive and national closure, and instead left the provincial government to impose most restrictions.

He argued that poor Pakistan could not afford the kind of closure that was seen in other countries.


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Italy faces a surge of migrants | Instant News

Italy faces a surge in migrants, with arrivals almost a third higher this year than last year, interior ministry data showed on Monday.

This year, the majority of migrants are Tunisians, followed by those from Bangladesh, Ivory Coast, Algeria and Sudan, data show.

The country, which is struggling to recover from the devastating corona virus crisis that has killed nearly 35,000 people, now sees hundreds of migrants arriving on its shores every day – people who are hopelessly said cannot accommodate without help from other European countries.

This year, more arrivals came from Tunisia, with ships landing without assistance from Italian coast guards or charitable organizations.

Most migrants land on the Italian islands Lampedusa and Sicily, while others arrive in the southern mainland.

More than 1,250 migrants arrived in the last three days, according to the latest ministry figures, released when Italy held a conference with European Union and African countries about the ongoing crisis.

Ministry figures show that a total of 8,988 migrants have reached Italy so far this year, compared with 3,165 for the same period in 2019, but far less than 17,296 migrants who arrived in the same time frame in 2018.

On Monday, interior ministers from Algeria, France, Germany, Italy, Libya Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Spain and Tunisia met through video conferences to “strengthen cooperation between law enforcement agencies” through police training and funding of technical equipment, the ministry said in Italy in a statement.

New guidelines for dealing with crises will be implemented within a few months, he added.

The recent arrival has sparked protests by local residents in several areas, after several dozen migrants tested positive for the corona virus after coming down.


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Bangladesh starts exporting mangoes to Switzerland | Instant News


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Do not run reports that jeopardize Bangladeshi-Italian relations: MoFA | Instant News


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Pakistan rejects Indian reports in the grey list of the FATF | Instant News

Pakistan on Friday rejected Indian media fabricated news reports that the country will continue to remain the target group of financial action (FATF) grey list because of its “failure” to achieve the goals of the global watchdog of the action plan during the recently held virtual plenary meeting

Pakistan on Friday rejected Indian media fabricated news reports that the country will continue to remain the target group of financial action (FATF) grey list because of its “failure” to achieve the goals of the global watchdog of the action plan during the recently held virtual plenary.

In a statement the foreign Ministry also rejected statements by the press Secretary of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of India.

“We totally reject terrorism-related, said press Secretary of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Indian accusations against Pakistan,” it read.
The Ministry said that Pakistan was ready to submit its report at the FATF plenary meeting which was scheduled for June 2020. However, due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the FATF it was decided on April 28 to the General paused for four months in the review process of a number of countries in the International review group cooperation (ICRG) assessment, including Pakistan.

Agenda for the virtual meeting of the FATF plenary, which took place on 24 June 2020, do not include Pakistan. In this virtual plenary session, no new solution in Pakistan. Decisions adopted by the FATF plenary in February of 2020, in respect of a number of countries, including Pakistan, remain in force. Assessment of Pakistan’s action plan, FATF will be submitted to the next plenary cycle at which the country could submit its report.

The Prime Minister urged the international community to prosecute India for the atrocities at S&K

“Against this background, reports in the Indian media, claiming that the FATF has expanded the Pakistan on the grey list is clearly not misleading and part of the continuing smear campaign by India against Pakistan,” the statement said.

“Pakistan has repeatedly drawn the international community’s attention to the sinister India is trying to use the FATF process for their narrow political gains, he added.

“Pakistan has also been raised about the dubious authority of India as the impartial expert of the progress of Pakistan for the action plan with the FATF. India’s efforts on abuse of the technical forum of the FATF to discredit Pakistan was seen members of the FATF and not appreciated by the international community”.

The Ministry stated that Pakistan remains committed to completing its action plan with the FATF and has continued to evolve. “We hope that the membership of the FATF will be aware of malware campaigns in India against Pakistan and reject any attempt to politicize the case of the FATF.”



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114 stranded citizens of Bangladesh were brought back from England | Instant News

The government on Monday brought back 114 Bangladeshis who were stranded from London on a special charter flight Biman Bangladesh Airlines in the midst of flight suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our special flight landed at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport from London at 9:40 today carrying 114 Bangladeshis,” deputy general manager Biman Tahera Khondokar told the news agency.

Meanwhile, a press release issued by the Bangladesh High Commission in London said that the Bangladesh government’s special chartered flight, BG 4041, departed from London at 19:45 local time in London on Sunday to Dhaka with Bangladeshis stranded in Britain since suspension the flight. between Dhaka and London.

Most of the returning passengers were students from Bangladesh, he added.

Bangladesh’s high commissioner to the United Kingdom Saida Muna Tasneem escorted passengers returning at Heathrow Airport.

“We are humbly grateful that we were able to reunite Bangladeshis, especially students, who were stranded in Britain with their families in Bangladesh before the Eid festival,” the Bangladeshi envoy said on the occasion.

Earlier at the request of the Bangladesh High Commission in London, the government arranged flights, operated by the national airline Biman Bangladesh Airlines and chartered by the Bangladesh Air Force Welfare Trust.

The London High Commission has provided all passengers with health certificates based on their health assessment so that they will be directed to quarantine only.

As per the decision of the Bangladesh government, all Bangladeshis returning must be sent to institutional quarantine for 14 days under the management of the Armed Forces Division if they fail to show a medical certificate at the airport upon their arrival here.

Apart from Britain, Bangladesh has so far repatriated Bangladeshis stranded from India, Australia, Thailand, Singapore and Myanmar while more charter flights have also been planned to bring Bangladeshis back from the US and Malaysia soon.

On 5 May, Bangladesh extended the ban on flight operations for the fifth time in a row until May 16 to and from all European countries and countries including India which restricted the entry of Bangladeshis into their territories and also on all domestic routes through the coronavirus virus. Fright.

Other countries, including the United States, Britain, Canada, Turkey, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Bhutan, Myanmar and various European countries have so far operated several special charter flights in the midst of flight suspension to repatriate their citizens from here.


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