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Imran Khan telephoned Sheikh Hasina, asking about the Covid-19 situation | Instant News

File photo of Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, left, and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Has been collected

The prime minister tells Imran Khan about the current flood situation in Bangladesh when he asks

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday called Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina by telephone and was curious about the coronavirus situation in Bangladesh.

“The Pakistani prime minister called Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at around 1 pm and wanted to know from him about the situation of the corona virus in Bangladesh and how his government is fighting the deadly disease,” Press Secretary Ihsanul Karim told BSS.

During a 15-minute telephone conversation, the Bangladeshi prime minister told Imran Khan about the steps taken by his government to treat Covid-19 patients and to curb the transmission of the disease, the press secretary said.

The prime minister also told Imran Khan about the current flood situation in Bangladesh when he asked, Karim said.

At the beginning of the conversation, the two leaders exchanged pleasantries, he added.


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The sweet aroma of Bangladesh mango reaches Switzerland | Instant News

The picture shows a tree full of mangoes in a garden in Porsha Naogaon Dhaka Tribune

A variety of popular Amrapali mangoes are now sold in Swiss supermarkets

The sweet aroma of Bangladesh’s mango has reached Switzerland with the export of the first mango package to the country on July 14.

The Amrapali Mango variety popular in the country is now sold in supermarkets in Switzerland, in fact, displaying Bangladeshi traditional culture in Europe, according to a Facebook post from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh.

It is possible for the initiative taken by the Bangladesh Permanent Mission in Geneva.

In recent years, demand for mangoes in Switzerland has increased, according to a study conducted by the Bangladesh mission, the post said.

A Bangladeshi who has lived in Geneva for 20 years said that he was very happy to see the Bangladesh mango label in a shop.

“I completely forgot the taste of Bangladesh mango. Thank you to BD Mission for providing the opportunity to have a longer taste, “he said.

Switzerland, a famous diplomatic center with a population of 3.5 million can be a promising destination for Bangladesh mangoes if trade relations are maintained while ensuring the quality of exports of agro products, including mangoes.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, M Shahriar Alam, made a disclosure by post on his Facebook account that Bangladesh began exporting mangoes to Switzerland thanks to a personal initiative.

“The North Bengal Agro Farm Ltd has begun exporting Rajshahi mangoes to Switzerland. The first shipment is scheduled to leave for Switzerland tonight, “the minister of state wrote on Facebook.


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