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One hundred books banned for containing inappropriate content | Instant News

Lahore – curriculum Punjab textbook Board, considering the “anti-national” and “blasphemous” materials banned a hundred school books in one day.

Managing Director of the curriculum and the Punjab textbook Board said the private TV channel, “currently, we have over 10,000 books taught in private schools, therefore, banned books can be thousands of times we did.”

MD says he took action in the Punjab curriculum and textbook Board act, 2015, which was adopted during the reign of the previous government of the province.

According to article 10 of the Law, the author is obliged to obtain the approval of the Board prior to the publication of his book. In addition, the law gives the energy shield to prevent the publication, which contains “everything that is contrary to the injunctions of Islam and not contrary to the integrity, defence and security of Pakistan or any part of Pakistan, public order or morality. Content related to Islam in Islamiyat, history, Pakistan studies, Urdu literature or book is needed the go-ahead from the MMA religious Council of Ulemas, as well as the Punjab curriculum and textbook Board before it can be included in a private school under the program.”

“The law was already there, but for the last four years nobody did anything, so when I was appointed to the Board in February, I decided to take action,” said the managing Director.

The managing Director has established 30 committees to monitor 10, 000 textbooks in private schools. He said that each Committee is headed by an expert in the subject area, whose books are studied. Books, banned until now, one math textbook had a picture of a pig even printed the wrong map of Pakistan.

“Everything I do, I do according to the law,” the MD said, “If you want to teach your child about numbers using the image of a goat or a pigeon. Why you need to show your cat?”

The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees the right to a fair trial. However, the managing Director admitted that he didn’t invite a single author or publisher whose book was banned, for a chance to be heard.

“The options in the law is very clear about what can and cannot be published”, – he said, “well, what is there to explain? I can even register a complaint with the police on a man who does not conform.”

According to the law, a person may be deprived of liberty for a term up to two years if he or she does not comply with the ban. “What did I do completely and 100 percent natural,” the managing Director insisted, “books are not to destroy us, but bad books at all.”


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PUBG remain banned in Pakistan: PTA | Instant News

Online games players unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) will be blocked in Pakistan, said Pakistan telecommunication representatives Friday.

In a statement posted on the microblogging site in the country’s telecommunications and Internet regulator said it reached the decision to save the game banned after a detailed hearing held in the PTA room July 9, on the route of the Lahore High court.

Specified in the hearing was attended by other interested parties.

To read Hearing PTA for the decision PUBG here

OTA said that he also appealed to the leadership PUBG to share data about sessions and users PUBG in Pakistan and control of the company. The response from PUBG expected, he said.

On 1 July, the BSA announced its decision to temporarily suspend PUBG game in the country after he received several complaints from different sectors of society.

The authority stated that it had received numerous complaints PUBG in which it was stated that the game is addictive, wasting time, and represents a major negative impact on physical and psychological health of children.

According to recent media reports, the cases of suicides attributed to PUBG games have also been reported.

The Lahore High court also directed the PTA to understand the issue and resolve the issue after hearing the plaintiffs.

The authority also sought the views of the public to reach any decision about the online game.


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The fishing ban was reinstated due to bad weather | Instant News


When a lockdown was imposed in Karachi in March to restrain the spread of Covid-19 in the province, the Sindh government also banned the fishing community from fishing at sea. Forbidden from what has been their main source of livelihood for generations, poor fishermen are forced to face severe financial constraints.

On June 1, the government decided to lift the fishing ban after three months. However, the move did not bring as much assistance to poverty stricken communities as it was on July 1, only a month later, the ban was re-enacted.

Written notification of the ban was issued jointly by the Karachi Port Trust (KPT), Coast Guard and the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency for all fishermen in Karachi and their related organizations.

Previous bans on fishing have left thousands of fishermen unemployed for three consecutive months in the Baba, Bhit, Manora and Salehabad Islands in Karachi, along with the coastal areas of Ibrahim Hyderi and Keamari. With unemployment and without income, fishermen and their families are left to starve.

While a previous ban was imposed to contain the spread of Covid-19, the Sindh government clarified that the ban was recently lowered due to bad weather forecasts in the Arabian Sea. Explaining that fishing in the open sea in bad weather can be very dangerous, officials say the decision was taken for the safety of the fishermen.

The same fisherman, on the other hand, said that July was the best month for them to go fishing. Aamir, a fisherman from Bhit, said that every year in July, the Sindh government issued a notice prohibiting them from fishing in the deep sea for security reasons.

“Previously, the ban only applied to launching and trawling of fish that hunt for lobsters and big fish. A small launch was released from the ban, “said Aamir. “But this year, the Sindh government has even banned a small launch to sail to sea. This is the economic slaughter of all fishermen. We plan to go on a hunger strike to protest the action. “

He added that the MPA of the Pakistan People’s Party and other authorities were approached to ask for help, but their request was not accepted.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, president of the Pakistan Fishermen Union Dr. Muhammad Yousuf opposed the Sindh government move. He recalled that a meeting was held on June 3 this year in the office of the fisheries secretary, chaired by MNA Abdul Qadir Patel. The meeting was attended by several other important officials, including Harbor Authority and the managing director of Fisheries and deputy secretary.

“During the meeting, it was decided that all types of launches and trawlers will be banned in June and July because of the difficult situation at sea. It was decided that the launch and capture of offenders would be confiscated, “he said.

According to Dr. Yousuf, fishermen are usually prohibited from catching shrimp in June and July because this is their mating season. But this year, poor fishermen are also banned from catching small fish. “Fishing is their only source of income. This step is rough and cruel, “he said. “The launch owned by bureaucrats and other officials from Ibrahim Hyderi is still used to catch shrimp, which are still sold throughout Karachi. However, the ban is only for working class fishermen who are poor. “

A resident of Baba Island, Abdul Salam, who used to catch fish in small boats, complained that the epidemic and the locking up of the corona virus had made life like hell for the fishing community, and now the government has re-applied the ban.

“I am illiterate and have no skills other than fishing. How would I support myself and my family if the government would not consider our fate? “He regretted. “They must think about the practical implications before making such a decision or they must help us financially.”

Published in The Express Tribune, July 14th, 2020.


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Italy has banned tourists from these Middle Eastern countries | Instant News

Visitors from Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman have been barred from entering Italy, due to concerns about COVID-19 transmission.

Middle Eastern countries are among 13 countries based on decrees signed by the ministry of health in accordance with the ministries of foreign affairs, interior and transportation. These are Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Brazil, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Kuwait, Northern Macedonia, Moldova, Oman, Panama and Peru.

According to Italian Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, “Around the world, the pandemic has entered a more acute phase. We cannot throw away the sacrifices made by the Italians in the last few months.”

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UK in Pakistan rates jump 300% after Pia was forbidden to enter the airspace | Instant News

According to the website Skyscanner, a major tourist site, the cheapest return ticket from London to Lahore offer “Turkish airlines”, which costs a whopping £1445. — News/File

London: ticket prices for flights to Pakistan from UK morning after Pakistan International airlines (PIA) have been suspended from flying for the three areas in the UK.

The airline also faces a suspension of six months with the European Union, and a ban on all types of flights from the USA.

Return flight from London, Manchester and Birmingham to Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and used to cost on average 500-650, but after Pia was suspended from work in the UK civil aviation ticket prices observed threefold increase to £1,500-2,700 mark.

According to the website Skyscanner, a major tourist site, the cheapest return ticket from London to Lahore offer “Turkish airlines”, which costs a whopping £1,445 same nearly Rs300,000.

“British Airways”, which recently started operations in Pakistan, offers the same flight for £ 2,000, which will cost a traveler for Rs400,000.

Return tickets from UK to Pakistan offered by Qatar Airways and Emirates for a cost of £2,500, which is an unprecedented price for a return ticket. Another flight of Qatar Airways and cost British Airways £2,796.

This is happening at a time of severe crisis for the Pia once the Minister of aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan said that around one third of the Pakistani pilots was questionable licenses. This message caused panic all over the world, leading to a chain of events that result in the suspension of flights by air carrier and ground pilots, working at the global level, which were issued license by civil aviation authority of Pakistan.

There are more than 1.5 million Britons of Pakistani origin in the UK who regularly travel to Pakistan and strongly disappointed with the increase in ticket prices. According to the British government, at any time, almost 100,000 British Pakistanis are in Pakistan. After COVID-19 lock, nearly 60,000 Britons have flown on Charter flights from Pakistan in three locations in the UK.

Sheikh Abdullah, the student of Pakistan in the UK, who regularly traveled to Pakistan said, “I wanted [visit] Pakistan, but could not go because we were traveling through Pia and now we can’t. I went 3-4 times a year, but now the prices have significantly changed our plans.”

Added Abdullah, who transfers at other airports has made it difficult for the elderly and vulnerable travellers who hard to take a few connecting flights to go to Pakistan.

In conversation with Geo.tv by Mahboob Hussain Mahboob agencies of travel, which exclusively deals with tickets Pia, said, “I have done business with Pia. Now my company has no more business. I worked with Pia for promoting the national carrier, but now I’m being punished for my patriotism. Other airlines have benefited greatly. Who is responsible for the death of Pia? We get no answers.”

Mahbub said that while Pia has published some refunds on cancelled flights, he was still waiting for more information on the rest of the return.”

Earlier, press Secretary of the British civil aviation authority said: “in accordance with the decision on 30 June 2020, according to EASA to suspend permission to Pia to operate the service of the European Union Pia flights from Birmingham, London Heathrow and Manchester airports is suspended with immediate effect.

“The civil aviation authority the UK is required under the law to revoke the permission, Pia works to restore the UK pending EASA in their assertion that it meets international safety standards”.

Recently, we also banned Pia from operating “all types of flights” in the country. Press Secretary Pia, Abdullah Hafiz admitted that it was a serious blow for the national carrier.

“We are constantly engaged with them and sincerely hope that confidence-building measures, the decision will be revised,” he said.

The development has also led to the suspension of the work of various Pakistani pilots engaged in several airlines around the world.

The statement of the Minister of aviation about dubious licenses Pakistani pilots came amid investigation into the recent crash of flight Pia PK-8303 from Lahore to Karachi, which killed 97 people.

A consequence, it seems, does not relieve the air Ministry of any responsibility and instead blamed the pilot for correctly following the instructions of the air traffic controller.


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