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Champions League SRL | DC vs PZ Evaluation Chart: An active Imam-ul-Haq Guide to achieving victory without Zalmi’s efforts | Instant News

Imam-ul-Haq was at the forefront of a dominant six-goal victory for Peshawar Zalmi against the Delhi Capitals when the PSL team tried to win a six-goal victory. The IPL side faced an initial jolt at the first from which they could never truly recover and suffer losses.

Match Reviews

After choosing to go to the first pitch, Peshawar Zalmi asked Rahat Ali to thank him for his extraordinary opening where he was dismissed Shikhar Dhawan and Prithivi Shaw gave DC the initial jolt. Although Shreyas Iyer and Jason Roy trying to resolve the situation to bring the team out of the forest, actually Rishabh Pants which ensured a good outcome for innings with his death due to a beating of power. Keemo Paul stayed there to make sure DC reached 164 matches.

Chasing 165 is not a difficult proposal for any party and the Yellow Brigade considers their opportunity. But Delhi has one of the best bowling arrangements in the tournament, something that gives them hope. However, it was shattered into molecules when Imam Ul Haq, with Tom Banton at the other end, played one of the best rounds in SRL history to guide the team towards a six-goal win without effort.

You can check the score card and Match Tracker here.

Need a goal – Press L for Lewis. This has become a kind of truism at this SRL by Peshawar using Somerset pioneers in a perfect way. With Roy and Iyer building a slow partnership in the middle, Gregory refused the last in the 12th to end the partnership and effectively bring progress to their progress. Slanted play for Zalmi’s good since then.

High and low

The highest of the game must be first above Ali Ali because of his courage. The fortune teller from Peshawar admitted only one run to the two most awesome batsmen of our time in the power game and told me what could be better than that. His bowling game ensured Delhi never got the start they wanted, but again, good bait had the ability to lure more than six players could give.

The display of heartless bowling from Delhi in strength games is the lowest in the match, because much is expected from the duo Ishant Sharma and Kagiso Rabada. Fireworks never came, with Imam Ul Haq dominating them from the start. Decent bowling performance will make it a memorable game.

Rating Chart

Exploit the power of the game: Delhi 4/10 Peshawar 7/10

After being jolted with a few strokes in the first on himself, it took ongoing efforts from Jason Roy and Shreyas Iyer to get to where they finally played powerplay, managing a total of 40 runs in the first six overs. Rahat Ali and Wahab Riaz was spitting poison but both of them managed to get rid of that phase to save the team from the forest.

Unlike the Delhi Capitals, the Peshawar duet of Imam-ul-Haq and Tom Banton decided to attack from the word before the run-chase pressure could increase on them. The first, in particular, destroyed, hitting more than 200 SR in all phases, to delay Ishant Sharma and Kagiso Rabada. In such a way that they had to walk 57 in the first six overs and with 108 runs needed in the next 15, it turned towards cakewalk.

Mid-level maneuvers: Delhi 4.5 / 10 Peshawar 8/10

It was a phase that gave Delhi a chance to break the shackles and aim better, but when Jason Roy bats with an SR lower than 100, you can feel that something is terribly wrong with his pattern and pretty much explains the situation. Delhi is in after losing Dhawan and Shaw to Rahat Ali. While Shreyas Iyer tried his best to provide some solid tonk, Roy failed to gather all the momentum and the team could only manage 60 times in the nine-phase over mid-top.

Imam-ul-Haq is on a different plane altogether and is the biggest differentiator between the two parties at the moment. Hit tirelessly, next to the class Shoaib Malik, resulting in Peshawar putting the show in front of Delhi bowlers, making the game almost dead with the team adding 89 runs in a nine-plus period.

Deadly Bowling: Delhi 2/10 Peshawar 2/10

After carrying out containment work perfectly in the first 15 overs, the PSL side got lost in death, admitting 64 runs in the last five overs. The worst are the two last overs tied by their two bowler strikes – Wahab Riaz and Rahat Ali – when they both made 36 runs in the last two overs. Rishabh Pant was the main destroyer for them, with left-handed 44 of 26 balls, most of which came at the time of death.

It was only a formality at the time of death, but the Pakistani opener was not interested in slowing down. He continued to add calculations, making Kagiso Rabada and Ishant Sharma a joke for him. His blow is an example of how destroying a T20 can happen and Delhi has no chance against it.

Match Frenzy O Meter – OK

Some wise people once said, T20 is nothing but a pattern that is executed perfectly with several individual appearances. From that count, Delhi and Peshawar are fine, with Priests, Pant and Banton showing some good hitting skills. It might not be fully entertaining but I will accept it.

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