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“Coefficient of coincidence” in Philippine show business | Instant News

The system of questions and answers.EXT – the last time viewers often witness the “drama” of the drama showbiz, typical is the contradiction between artists and management companies.

Aura of lightning or a passion long lasting?

If you have to say “split” the most noisy, a lot of tears, most people immediately think about Jack and company, former Manager of the IMC in which the person holds the post of Director of the company, also served as Italian cuisine Jack is the main K-IKM. Only the General activity of the same Jack, just hold an important role in the company will be ICM is who suffers from many “brick and stone”, when Jack decided to stop going out shirt. Jack really is the management company of exploitation of labor, pressed or not? This audience can’t handle it because they only believe in what they want to believe. What pertains to the law, it is possible that the audience must not exceed the limit.

Apparently, after “farewell”, Jack, it seems, won with country flag – “all or nothing”. At this point, no one even suggests that Jack is marginal. For a few months, he in the hands of the many tools that perhaps other artists in exchange for dozens of years can not be: audience, appeal, relationships, and all in favor of public opinion. By, by old habit now, public opinion is always on the side of the artist, a loner, and is said to be weak, especially with a group as the management company. But whether this aura to keep going as if the road Jack is not the correct orientation, to be sure, and it is important to have a brain acumen with the ready to adapt to changes unforeseen in the life of show business.

“Split” noisy next to think, the orange Lily and the management company post the science. Look at the “drama” of this, more people will see it is somewhat like an owl “checkmate” Jack with the old company. A few days ago to have fun together, but when social networks “struggle” is extremely razor-sharp, grimly. Of course, public opinion – once again – standing on the weak, i.e. artists.

Social networks can be very useful for “game elements”, but the shock floating, short-tempered always lose points in the eyes of the audience of civilization.

When gamble… flip up

Of course, the public also have many dimensions. Witness “the factor” firm management, not all advocate for artists. Recently, no less a reputation in the industry and have to talk about this issue, who is a musician Nguyen van Chung. On his personal website, however, not to mention the AI not defending anyone, but he expressed the opinion: “… the most important thing that people gift for chicken Chicken named chicken. Name it to help her live well live healthy life, if he knew how. But it does not help farmers at all. When the chickens run away, they will lose money and trust.” It is not difficult to understand that he was referring to the relationship between the artist and the management company.

I have to say, when to stop going out shirt, artists no longer feel confined or coercion on the part of management companies, but freedom that is also a knife 2 blades. If the artist does not really and soberly, they will be very easy to get into show business is full of pitfalls and deception. The success of the name is a collective effort in which all those who work quietly, you never mentioned. Jack, orange or Lily can be very successful with country flag – “all or nothing”, but beware of long lines, they should be very alert and ready to face the owl slide the next stage in show business.

Social networks can be very useful for “game elements”, but the top view or passion always “lose points” in the eyes of the audience of civilization, because besides music, what do they expect gratitude from artist to artist. And in the end, artists are much more intelligent and civilized to go the path they’ve chosen. On the red carpet in front of the orange, Lily and Jack can’t stretch to the end of the road. Talent is not enough, artists who want to keep the passion for life, they should have a support Center and games, it is necessary to have financial resources, and there are so many other factors.

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Anyone withstand the “wind wave” showbiz? | Instant News

The system of questions and answers.VN – people in the world, after the stage of intimidation, fighting a series of gossip, condemnation and criticism, said that: “I give up public opinion.”

Responding to a plaintive cry artist believes that: “if I had stepped into show business, then to determine his life is not as peaceful as in other normal” or “the wind and the waves, a new Mature. Cowardly, unable to withstand the pressure, then remove”. Artists to try How also can not avoid the checks are too strict for public opinion.

Scandal… as “rice flour”

Many artists because of work pressure, depression, thoughts of suicide, even this art: singer van Mai Huong will not have to cancel a batch of shows due to a prolonged depression. Son Tung m-TP was also hospitalized in a state of exhaustion because I work a lot and leads to muscle weakness and acute pharyngitis. First the hair is also stress, in fact they suffered as much pressure from rumors opinions. Singer Nguyen vu, too much pressure, and don’t want to stop singing, because can not stand too much in Africa, the controversial…

Miss Pham Huong decided to leave the showbiz, when at the peak.

The Vpop singer of the cult 90-ies, where many fans from the looks light, voice warm. He owns multiple hits-it’s a love that stretches through many generations, which, until now, still many people find to hear. So, but few people know that, when new, knitting school, too, once fell into a state of depression and suicidal after sticking to a non-market, carping, explanations bluff.

In addition to 30 years of age, but good to have tried quite a lot of bitter taste of life. By the time she was without a husband that the stomach will pass, you just have to turn the base with the go song just faced hammer axe community… Hien Thuc admitted: “It is true that the time the scandal ended makes me really “shock”, fatigue, stress. Back these situations, I’m still faced with an attitude of tranquility.”

For artists, in the right spirit, the last days 5/2019 is nodular and downs in his career. The chain capital of the world men’s MS suddenly to fight for the words embroidered woven anger. However, choosing to stand far afterglow of show business, but it also can not avoid life. “Take more than”, “ham greedy”… these words, he touched the self-esteem of a true artist, as the right spirit. Mind work in the morning plus the sensitivity of the artist made right spirit to speak. He touched the wave video: “I want to remove all as too tired.”

Miss Pham Huong also choose to leave show business, when at its peak. She used to share with her have to deal with too much pressure, too many rules, the rules imposed on people. She felt that I no longer belong where I no longer live, there should be a period to breathe. Beautiful also officially confirmed by the famous model company in America, has left open the response will not be returned to Vietnam.

Is anyone listening? Lens anyone?

The city is one of those artists who “suffer” most because of the pressure of showbiz. As works of art, just chips three times you have to be the emotions because the story is not much, especially when romance personal opinion to put and judge too. City time and salt concentration with Mae-Ho, he was very relevant when you and her own son has become the focus of attention of public opinion. He wrote: “We humans are very normal, and many others. We’re not doing anything wicked, contrary to conscience, against morality, or humanitarian! By chance, we can’t be happy together, and love should be separated. And it should also stop eating”.

Now, when there is a cozy side Hari won, public opinion has not yet “forgiven” for the city. You used to post in the status line was expressed by the former social network account, to use harsh words for my wife. Recently, in South the Versatile artist has also written stutus has long expressed that he is not satisfied with the response of public opinion about the volunteer issues of the artist COVID season. He wrote: “I noticed… most of those you complain is often criticized those, You never help anyone and society at all… feel free to contribute, to help. Less criticism, judgment. Life is like a long… that lightly?”.

Also, due to showbiz pressure days, like many artists want to close the case, even if you’re famous.

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