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Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | Instant News

Louis Mobile Food Market will be in your Community in Partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank Listing for August 1 – 21 | RiverBender.com


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The Fast Food Chain Sees the Shift Made When Pandemic Pays | Instant News

Fast food restaurants respond to changes in consumer tastes during the coronavirus pandemic in ways that have increased profits in some chains to where they were before the health crisis or even higher.

Some restaurants focus on expanding their takeout and drive-through business, while others are betting on delivery services amid the recent surge in infections and changing regulations in the US. And many expect this effort to pay long-term because the pandemic shows no signs of fading and some consumer habits can change permanently.

Many fast food chains reduce staffing and cleaning costs by closing their dining rooms, and are in no hurry to reopen them. “For fast food restaurants, they don’t want to reopen their dining room because this lowers profitability and increases costs,” said Andrew Charles, an analyst at the investment bank

Cowen Inc.

Brands International Restaurant Inc.,

Burger King brand owners, Tim Hortons and Popeyes of Louisiana Kitchen, are redoubling existing efforts to improve digital offer and delivery services.

“Covid acts as an accelerator for several trends that we have identified in our strategy,” said Matthew Dunnigan, RBI chief financial officer.

The Canadian-US fast food chain relied on its digital sales channels when the pandemic struck, Dunnigan said. The RBI is extending pickup, drive-through and curbside delivery services, he said.

The company now has nearly 10,000 outlets offering shipping in the US and Canada, compared to several hundred in early 2018. RBI added more than 2,000 stores to its shipping network in the first months of the pandemic and boosted investment in its cellphones. application, said Mr. Dunnigan. He declined to give figures for the initiative, but said RBI investment in digital sales channels in recent years was huge.

Church’s Chicken, an Atlanta-based fast food operator specializing in fried chicken, multiplies on drive-through, which has been in focus since 2017, said finance chief Louis “Dusty” Profumo. “We have been doing this for years, and the results pay off. It really benefits our business, “he said, pointing to a 15% to 20% increase in drive-through sales since March, with sales now becoming almost all Church business.

Church’s is looking for ways to reduce the size of some of its restaurants, Profumo said. “Customers want their food anywhere, anytime,” he said. “It’s very efficient to run all of your business through drive-through.” Most dining rooms are closed for now, according to Mr. Profumo

Church’s Chicken launched a new delivery and payment system to restaurants operated by franchise holders, which make up the majority of outlets, Profumo said.

Panda Express in June added its own shipping service, said David Landsberg, chief financial officer of the holding company Panda Restaurant Group Inc. “We have made a greater commitment to delivery since the pandemic began,” said Mr. Landsberg.

Panda has invested $ 40 million since the beginning of the pandemic in improving health and safety measures and its shipping platform. The company is looking to hire 30,000 new employees this year, although it has recently stopped reopening the lobby for customers to carry out their orders.

Panda’s dining room remains closed, even though management wants to reopen it. “This is about when social guidelines distance, and at this point, it might not happen until around 2021,” said Mr. Landsberg.

About a third of RBI dining rooms in the US and Canada have been reopened, Mr Dunnigan said, adding that the company plans to do it for all of them. RBI posted a higher average revenue per order in the drive-through and shipping business compared to dine-in.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.

earlier this month he said open more stores with drive-through lines for digital orders. More than 60% of new stores will include this line, which is specifically for receiving orders that are placed in advance online.

Even restaurants that offer dinner before the pandemic is adjusting their business.

Waffle House Inc., a restaurant chain based in Norcross, Ga., Expects more takeout customers as the pandemic continues, said Chairman Joe Rogers. “We will have a slightly more advanced business, and fewer competitors,” Mr. Rogers said, referring to the financial struggles of some of his rivals.

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A Smart Guide to Shopping for Food and Outdoor Dining During Coronavirus | Instant News

For months entering the coronavirus pandemic, many people said shopping for food and eating at restaurants that reopened remained a full experience.

Supermarkets and restaurants have introduced measures to keep their stores safe, including plexiglass dividers, capacity limits and requirements for customers and employees to wear masks. But food safety guidelines continue to develop as we learn more about how the new corona virus is transmitted.


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NY requirements for serving food with alcoholic drinks, explain | Political | Instant News

To meet the requirements, producers who can sell alcoholic beverages for consumption on-site can serve a variety of food items, including sandwiches, soups or snacks, such as bread, cheese, crackers, fruits and vegetables.

For bars and restaurants, food items include sandwiches, soups or other “fresh, processed, pre-cooked or frozen” foods.

When did it come into force?

The executive order issued by Cuomo came into force on Friday, July 17.

Who does this guide cover?

According to the State Liquor Authority, the guidelines apply to licensing companies with on-site privileges, including bars, restaurants and breweries, fruit juices, distilleries and tasting wineries. That does not apply to some businesses, such as clubs, where food availability requirements are not part of their license.

Will sales of beer and apple cider be consumed outside the premises?

Yes The guidelines state that the sale of beer and apple cider for outdoor consumption “must now be accompanied by food.” However, the State Liquor Authority noted that it does not affect manufacturers with outside rights “to sell any product to go to protectors in a place licensed in sealed original containers without accompanying food items.”


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Cuomo: There are no alcoholic drinks unless you order food at NY bars, restaurants Political | Instant News

“We are concerned about that,” said Bill Martin, one of the owners of Montezuma Winery & Hidden Marsh Distillery in Seneca Falls. “We are doing things very safe at the moment, but throwing food there is a difficult choice for us to overcome.”

Martin hopes that any food will meet state requirements, such as a small bag of chips or popcorn. He reached the New York Wine & Wine Foundation for further guidance, he said, as to whether he should sell food or just supply it.

As for the new rules on bar walk-up services, Martin said he thought that was already needed by the country’s reopening guidelines. In Montezuma, visitors are asked to sit at a picnic table in the side yard, and are limited to table six to prevent the formation of larger groups.

Like Martin, Good Shepherds Brewing Co. owner Garrett Shepherd also contacted his trading group, the New York State Brewers Association, for guidance.

Shepherd also wanted to know what would meet the country’s criteria for food. He already provided a small, non-priced snack at the Auburn brewery in the city center, but he wasn’t sure if he should start adding extra food costs for drinks to meet the requirements.


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German Fitness Chain RSG Wins Bank Gold Bankruptcy Auction | Instant News

RSG Group GmbH, operator of the German McFit fitness club, has won an auction to acquire Gold’s Gym International Inc. from a $ 100 million bankruptcy.

The pending sale, which must be approved in a bankruptcy court, puts Gold’s Gym on track to leave chapter 11 with 61 company-owned gyms, around 600 gym franchises and less debt, positioning it to withstand major disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which the company said Tuesday .


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HEC prohibits the Karachi IBA from opening admission tickets in journalism | Instant News

KARACHI: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has banned the Karachi Institute of Business Administration (IBA) from receiving the title Master of Science in Journalism.

It was learned that HEC had banned IBA’s Center of Excellence Journalism (CEJ) from pursuing a Master of Science degree in Journalism due to a lack of PhD teachers and directed them to pursue PhD degrees. Do not give admission until you have a PhD faculty after IBA has stopped the admission process in journalism.

A spokesman for the Karachi Institute of Business Administration Malahat confirmed that the Karachi Center for Business Administration Center for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) had stopped the admission of teachers due to the lack of PhD teachers under the instructions of the Higher Education Commission.

However, services from one PhD teacher have been obtained while another PhD teacher service will be obtained within one to two months after the conditions of the Higher Education Commission will be met and admissions will be opened.

He said that the teaching process would continue for students who were already registered with the Masters. It should be noted that the Center for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) was established during the tenure of former director Dr. Ishrat Hussain with a US grant to provide professional training to Pakistani journalists.


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Probably the best bar in the world: reader travel tips Travel | Instant News

We stumbled across Dulle Griet in Ghent last year. This is a fantastic traditional Flemish pub, serving more than 500 beers from around the country. The decor is superb and the staff very friendly. The highlight of the bar is MAX, a thick beer served in a large two liter glass. In an effort to stop people from stealing or breaking their glasses, you must deposit one shoe when ordering MAX, a ceremonial bell is sounded and shoes are held in a basket above the bar until the glass is returned. They are limited to one per customer – definitely a wise choice! Mike L.

Surf on the beach outside Shack, near Galle

The Shack entrance that has no ownership on the busy coastal road between the fort and the entrance to the South Expressway, is tucked between local shops, belies its true location: walk through it and open up to the amazing Bonavista Bay with views of the fort, the old lighthouse and Unawatunapanjung. Large sandy beaches and decks are popular among Galleic expats in the UK, with cold beer, cocktails, cold bite menus and wood-fired pizzas. Add lots of local knowledge, surfing, tours, and the kids and dog friendly vibe, this is the right place to find local scenes. Chris Devonshire-Ellis

De Zotte is a true native bar that captures all the passion and character of Amsterdam, but is not distorted by serving stereotypes for tourists. Close enough to Leidseplein to party late at night, but hidden enough to avoid stags and creeping pubs, and sell a range of amazing Belgian and Dutch beers (and jenever gin) at an affordable, middle-range price. I found this place by asking locals to put a pin on my tourist map of the best pubs in town. He showed me my favorite pub in Europe – an absolute gem. Huw Swanborough

Photo: Ruby

Katerina is perfectly located in the City of Mykonos, in an area known as Little Venice. The area becomes crowded, especially at night, but before sunset is the best time to be at the bar. We had balcony chairs overlooking the sea and the windmill. The cocktails are a bit expensive, but worth it, and if you don’t drink alcohol, like me, you can order a mocktail. A very beautiful sunset. Ruby

Relaxing, rustic style, an open beach bar next to the main pier in the Pacific coast city of Puerto Vallarta. Beautiful view from the pier and lighted beach. A live band that plays a variety of Spanish and Portuguese music with a tropical flavor; a wonderful selection of mixed drinks, as well as beer and wine. Rich coffee is always made fresh, and your cup will continue to be filled. Guacamole, salsa and snacks are very good. Service is attentive, and the waiters are pleasant. You can sit inside or at a candle table on the beach. Watch fishing boats floating on the water, dip your toes in the sand, look at palm trees that sway in the wind … Janice

The birthplace of the gin version of the bloody mary (first called red snapper) often appears in the film: a small bar, shrouded in dark wood, adorned by Maxfield Parrish’s large mural, Old King Cole, which has a dreamlike beauty and is a must-see on NYC trips . It’s not cheap, but it’s also not exclusive or pretentious. Staff welcoming, even when I appeared rain and shorts. It’s a beautiful indescribable sanctuary not far from Fifth Avenue, where you will see ordinary NYers, plus the occasional famous person (Brad Pitt among others). Hint: beer is not expensive by NY standards, after that it is mandatory to bleed

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This is a remarkable brewery in Altstadt (old town), broken up into smaller rooms, each with regular visitors – dark wood paneled rooms to larger enclosed spaces. Beer is filled directly from the barrel and then transported to your table. When your glass is almost empty, the bartender will replace it automatically, which makes it difficult to “drink” and leave. Sadly, it took an hour to explain that we don’t want more! Keir
Bar ‘Take a chance’, Barcelona
These days it’s amazing to fall into a bar and try it, not because the review sites and social media order you to go there, but because it looks interesting. There are so many bars at Carrer de Martínez de la Rosa in Barcelona. I can’t tell you the name because I’ve forgotten; does not have any website or social media, and is not on Google Maps. You have to explore the road and look for a small bar with a cozy red hue where the staff all wear white shirts, vests and ties, and where they make the most elegant cocktails. If you find it, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Like we do, you just have to take risks. Robert Cullen

The most prominent bar I’ve ever visited in Vietnam, maybe in Asia, right on the Saigon river. Lychee martini, fish jump, sunset, whetting whetting. Don’t get Somerset Maugham more than this. John

Photo: pr

Walk across the gently raised grassy fields that block the ocean view. A small building that has an iron door. An elevator in the most unlikely places. Down maybe two or three floors. The tunnel smells musty with a bend. Intoxicating aroma and the smell of onions floating along the tunnel. Suddenly, dazzling sunlight. We have appeared in the middle of the cliff. Salted sea mixed with the aroma of the right cuisine. Cava in an ice bucket. We perched on the sand, sea and waves, then went out to open the water. All wedged between brown sandstone cliffs. This place is not possible. John Read
Because of the coronavirus crisis there are no prizes offered for the best entry this week – although hopefully it will return at some point


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Italian prices rose because stores added tax to the bill | Instant News

Reports of price increases in bars, restaurants and hairdressers in Italy.

Italian consumers are charged € 2 to € 4 more than before corona virus emergency because bars, restaurants and hairdressers add ‘clear tax’ to the bill, according to Codacons consumer watchdog.

“We have received dozens of reports of increases in the prices of hairdressers,” said Codacons who – based on average costs in big cities – have calculated how the discounted price has changed from an average of € 20 to € 25, an increase of 25 percent, report Italian business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore.

Codacons also reported a rise in the price of coffee at the bar, with the case of espresso in Rome now worth € 1.50 (instead of € 1 or € 1.10), in Milan € 2 (up from € 1.30) and Florence € 1.70 ( up from the usual € 1.40).

Read also:

The tax called covid has also been slammed by the National Consumer Union whose president Massimiliano Dona described it as “wrong practice.”

The price increase occurred when many businesses struggled to return to work after being closed for more than two months during national closure to keep the corona virus from spreading.

The business operates amid reduced capacity due to social distance and also deals with additional costs related to sanitation and protective equipment needed under Italy Phase Two in an emergency covid-19.


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Bars, restaurants, learn the rules of reopening News, Sports, Work | Instant News


MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Minnesota bars and restaurants will study Wednesday when they may be able to reopen service sitting under restrictions intended to limit the spread of the corona virus.

Many eating establishments in Minnesota are trying to stay alive with takeout and delivery services since Governor Tim Walz ordered them to close in mid-March, sending tens of thousands of employees out of work. On Tuesday, the Commissioner for Labor and Economic Development Steve Grove gave an overview of what the new conditions would be like.

Grove tweeted that there would be “Phased plan” for bars, restaurants and others “Public accommodation” – a broad term used by the administration to include theaters, sports venues, museums and other attractions. The main public health factors that are important in reopening decisions include how close people are to each other, how long people are close to each other, and whether people can effectively practice social distance under these circumstances, Grove tweeted.

Walz announced last week that he would let his order at home expire on Monday and replace it with “Stay Safe MN” security regimen, which allows retailers to start reopening this week. He also directed his cabinet to find ways to reopen bars, restaurants and hair salons safely starting June 1.

The Minnesota Department of Health on Tuesday reported 17 more deaths from COVID-19 and 665 new cases confirmed as the number of people hospitalized with this disease jumped. The new figures increase the country’s death rate to 748, while the number of confirmed cases has risen to 17,029. It was also reported that the one-day high of 545 patients hospitalized with illness on Tuesday, increased by 57, but the number of intensive care patients held at 229, in line with Monday’s set height.

“This is of course famous. This is a big jump,” Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm said at the department’s daily briefing.

But neither Malcolm nor the department’s director of infectious diseases, Kris Ehresmann, can say with certainty why hospitals see lumps in patients. Ehresmann speculated that new patients might have been part of the jump in new cases last week that might now require hospitalization.

In a grim reminder of where the disease could lead in Minnesota, Department Administration Commissioner Alice Roberts-Davis said during a briefing that her agency had closed down on the purchase of a former food distribution warehouse in St. Louis. Paul will be converted into a temporary mortuary for COVID-19 victims.

The state paid $ 5.4 million for the Bix Produce Company cold storage warehouse, and planned an increase that would raise total costs to $ 6.9 million, Roberts-Davis said. The state expects the federal government to cover 75% of the costs.

The aim is to find a place for “Timely, dignified and temporary storage of human remains” during the peak of the expected pandemic peak this summer, when state modeling stated that the disease could cause 1,000 additional deaths per week for four to five weeks, according to the commissioner’s funding request. Private and public mortuaries throughout the state have a surge capacity for only around 2,000 more bodies than they normally hold, he wrote. The warehouse can accommodate 5,100.

Republican US Senate candidate Jason Lewis sued Walz on Tuesday, saying the continuing limits on meeting 10 or more people unconstitutionally limited his freedom to campaign. The former congressman, who challenged US Democratic Senator A. Tina Smith, appeared at an anti-shutdown protest by conservatives outside Walz’s home last month.

“The reach of this unprecedented locking has moved beyond economic difficulties and favoritism to the realm that threatens our most basic freedoms, including the fundamental right to travel and meet friends and neighbors,” Lewis said in a statement.

Walz spokesman Teddy Tschann said in an email that Coronavirus “It has forced the country to take drastic measures to safeguard the security of the Minnesotan people, but that is an act which is within the authority of the Governor. It is also in line with federal guidelines and similar to what many other states do. “

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