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The real face of Modi’s barbarism is revealed: Governor | Instant News

LAHORE – Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi committed terrorism against Muslims in India while mistakenly assuming they were responsible for the spread of coronavirus. The governor urged the United Nations (UN), Amnesty International (AI) and other human rights bodies to take serious attention and take decisive action and examine the most terrible crimes of the Indian Muslim genocide.

“Holding Indian Muslims responsible for spreading coronavirus is an embarrassing act on the part of Indian Modi prime minister who must be condemned at all levels throughout the world,” the governor said while speaking to different delegations including a delegation led by Ali Moeen, Syed Rehan Gillani, Suleman Gillani and Oniza Ahsaan called him at the Governor’s House.

Affirming that the true face of Modi’s barbarism has been revealed in the world at large, Sarwar said it was time for world bodies including the United Nations to pay close attention and ensure to stop the cruelty and barbarism perpetrated against Muslims in India. “Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the biggest threat to peace in the region,” he said.

Governor’s Message on Labor Day

Regarding International Labor Day, the Governor praised the workers for their tireless work aimed at the progress and prosperity of the country.

The governor acknowledged that hundreds and thousands of workers had lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic which had caused a worldwide crisis.

He said the government was making all efforts and added that he himself was out to serve the working class of poor people who needed rations to survive during these difficult times.

“The PTI government ensures that workers are given their rights and respect in addition to providing rations at their doorstep,” he said. Stating that no country can progress without the support of a satisfied working class, the Governor stressed that the government is committed to helping workers prosper and be strong by ensuring the granting of their rights.

Sarwar, Usman’s call to follow the prevention steps to deal with the virus

Punjab Governor Mohammad Sarwar and Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar met at the Lahore Governor’s House.

They discussed all issues including the government’s response to COVID-19.

They also discussed the overall situation of Punjab, the provision of rations for poor families and assistance for unemployed people. Both leaders emphasized the nation to follow the precautionary steps during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They also added that they would take all important steps to protect human life in the province.

The governor also briefed the Chief Minister on the social protection measures he was taking, including distribution of rations, remote medical centers that were established and getting universities to participate.

He also praised the role of the Vice Chancellor, especially VC UET Dr. Mansoor Sarwar, VC UHS and VC GCU towards COVID-19.


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