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Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Scheidt – when Barcelona played Brazil – The Athletic | Instant News

It’s 3.55 pm on Friday and you have just arrived home from school.

You take a Leap package, avoid mom’s questions about homework and bring it to your room, where you have a PS2 connected to what you believe is definitely the smallest television ever made. No problem: this is the skyscraper loading screen and this is your brother, ready to continue your eternal Pro Evo competition.

You choose Barcelona, ​​as usual. Great equipment, great players, something that you don’t fully understand about separatist politics but still think of yourself as your unique teenage personality. Maybe your brother will choose Real Madrid – that bastard! – or Manchester “Aragon” United. You have to sing the Champions League theme for yourself, but that has never been a problem before.

But you brother chose … Brazil. You sigh. Club against country: really crazy, and so annoying.


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