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Small Business Owners Spread a Message of Hope Through Fashion During the 19th Crisis COVID – NBC New York | Instant News

What you need to know

  • Tiffany Narbonne’s jewelry company, T. Jazelle, has raised more than $ 15,000 to aid coronavirus by selling bracelets
  • Each ‘relief bracelet’ features gray and quartz stones
  • Narbonne said he was inspired by friends and other people fighting viruses in hospitals throughout the world

Wearing your heart on your arm takes on new meaning when it comes to small business owner Tiffany Narbonne, who formed a popular accessory to the message of hope during COVID-19.

Narbonne has a bohemian vibration jewelry store called T. Jazelle. Located in the 1800s rural warehouse located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, his company has been manufacturing semi-precious inspiration gemstones since 2012.

“With everything that’s happening in the world, I want to make something to help make a difference,” Narbonne said.

The core concept behind his company spreads happiness through artistic handmade pieces. Each charm bracelet is decorated with certain gemstones that celebrate a deep, spiritual connotation.

Last month, Narbonne launched a new addition to its collection, a relief bracelet. The design consists of mystical gray stone agate, representing healing qualities, and blue quartzite, symbolizing achievement and strength. With each bracelet sold, T. Jazelle vowed to donate five dollars to the Coronavirus Relief Fund by GlobalGiving, which is currently more than halfway to its $ 5,000,000 target.

Initially, he wanted to raise $ 10,000. But in less than a month promoting Relief Bracelets, Narbonne and his team have sold more than 3,000 bracelets.

That amounts to more than $ 15,000 for funds; His company’s new goal is $ 20,000.

Narbonne said the drive came from friends whose health professionals fought COVID-19 daily.

“Some of my friends are nurses,” he said. “My best friend from high school is actually General Mass, and she is just so amazing. She now moves back home to Quincy to be next to a COVID-19 patient. Every day I send her a text to check in.”

T. Jazelle works with more than 600 independent retailers coast to coast, with a strong presence in the tri-state area. With New York being the epicenter of the US coronavirus, Narbonne often communicates with local retailers for check-in.

“These shops are like family. Being able to touch basis, we will do special videos for them, collaborate on our social platforms, and try to bring some positives to their customers, “Narbonne said.

Finding a little optimism feels more relevant from day to day. Each bracelet, he said, holds a deeper weight, connecting loved ones across the country.

“Foreigners will contact us and share their stories about why they bought one, and what it means to them,” he said. “It’s good for someone they know facing the front lines or personally struggling coronavirus.”


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