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Sportswriters determine the best sports video game athlete ever Scene | Instant News

Who is the best player in a soccer video game?

DB: There are two dominant players of the football video game that brought me back to my childhood: Randy Moss in Madden 2003 and Michael Vick in Madden 2004. Moss is unstoppable even in terms of triples, he is sure to go down with the ball no matter what. But anyone who remembers playing Madden 2004 remembers how crazy Vick was. It comes to the point when you play with friends that you are not allowed to play with the Falcons. Vick has a speed of 99 and artificial intelligence and video game defense are not as sophisticated now. If a team plays protection against Vick, it will take off. Any wrinkles, and Vick was gone. Combine him with the back line Warrick Dunn and T.J. Duckett, and the lights went out.

WA: Back in the day when Tecmo Bowl ruled the country, everyone liked to score goals running 99 yards with Bo Jackson, which was fun, but Lawrence Taylor was the best player in the game. He is very fast so you can use it to tackle the holder before his kick is close enough to try the shot towards the goal and extra points. A true game modifier. In modern times, Christian McCaffery was a horse in Madden 2019. In one of the empty formations he marched as a rear wing and ran a wheelbase that was pretty much unstoppable. The only disadvantage is susceptibility to injury.

Who is the best basketball video game star?

DB: For the best video game basketball characters, I will use Player 99. For those who don’t remember, or aren’t used to at all, there was a period during the 1990s when basketball player Michael Jordan opted out of the NBPA license agreement, so the similarity cannot be used in video game. As a way to avoid that, video games make players with generic names but crazy statistics. And he happens to play for the Chicago Bulls. I wonder who that is? By the way, he is a monster in the game, because he is in his NBA career.

WA: NBA Live 2004 Yao Ming, the star’s first Playstation edition, was unstoppable. You can average triple double points, blocks and rebounds at will. Hooks and fadeaway from blocks are money and offensive rebounds are another way to get an easy bucket.

Who is the best baseball video game star?

DB: Barry Bonds on Triple Play 2001. Really, every hitter force from that era really wiped out video games, because that’s what they did (with help). But when he’s in real life, Bonds can’t possibly be thrown there if you deal with it. If you leave something in the zone, he takes it deeply. If it’s not in the zone, he is patient enough to stop it. Another cheat code from the player if you play with it.

WA: Back before the nerds destroyed Major League Baseball, the league actually displayed good athletes and excitement as the ball was played and men raced around the base. Nobody does it better than outfielder St. Louis Cardinals Vince Coleman at an RBI Baseball match in the late 80s. You can get a base with a bunt most of the time and steal second and third bases all the time with Coleman and fellow outfielder Willie McGee.


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