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The tavern League calls the new restrictions on bars and restaurants “illegal” | Instant News

Middleton, WIS. (WMTV) – tavern League of Wisconsin is calling for restrictions on bars and restaurants serving “illegally” after health officials announced Wednesday a new emergency order to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

In restaurants, the restriction (emergency order #7) brings indoor dining capacity from 50 to 25 percent. Bars can no longer afford the restaurant, only take-out and outdoor Seating with physical distancing.

Janel Heinrich, Director of public health Madison and Dane County said that the County recently there has been a large number of cases. She also reported that the contact tracers found a lot of the spread has come from public meetings, restaurants and bars.

In response, Chris Marsicano, President of the tavern League of Wisconsin, wrote:

“Today’s order health Madison and Dane County, the closure of the tavern is in direct conflict with the decision of the Supreme court of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin legislature and the palm. Local government cannot have more authority than the State Department of health. The order of the Dane County blatantly ignores the Supreme court’s decision and needs to be changed in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court.

The owners of the Dane County tavern had their business closed/banned for 100 days. These illegal orders cause irreparable financial damage to your small business, families and employees, and other companies continue to operate in the County.

With the increase in testing comes a time, cases that should not be surprising. Like other businesses in the area, our members provide a safe and responsible environment for their customers and employees. While the authorities were quick to blame the industry, they conveniently ignore the protests of the historic city has experienced over the last 3 weeks, where thousands of people gathered without regard to social distancing.”

Last week, Jeffrey Pothof, chief quality officer at UW health, told NBC15: “it is clear that the spike that we see now, this applies not only to the increasing number of available tests. What we think is the main driver of our behavior and our decisions that we make. This is unfortunate”.

Joel Egan, the owner of mid town pub said he will go by the rules, adding that he feels lucky to be in the open air, to accommodate more guests, an option that not all bar owners.

“When you put your rights in something like that, it is not easy to say: ‘of Course, I’d like to go with her.’ I’m sorry many of those owners, I know how hard this business is,” said Egan.

Emergency order No. 7 takes effect Thursday at 8 a.m.

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